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Why Wall Graphics Are More Than a Few Stickers on Your Office Wall

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Are you looking to refresh and brand your workspace? If you answered ‘Yes,’, custom wall murals are the solution for you. From motivation to inspiration, wall graphics can hold many different purposes.

What are custom wall graphics?

Wall graphics, or wall decals,are vinyl wraps for your walls. You can think of them as wallpaper – only far more customizable, way sturdier and removable. Businesses that have customers walking through their door or frequently host visitors in office have really taken to wall decals in recent years.

Wall graphics are far more than ‘stickers’ on a wall. If anyone says that, point them to us and we’ll show them some incredible cuts and designs we have made. It’s hard to believe that people can be so creative in their interpretation of wall (and roof) space!

Why should you consider custom wall graphics for your space

Any investment in your store, restaurant, or office must make sense – in terms of productivity, and finances. In fact, on more than one more occasion we have had customers tell us their custom wall murals have paid for themselves! High praise, indeed, from a business owner.

Fully customizableWall graphics are limited only by your imagination. Whereas some people opt for abstract images on large sheets, others prefer intricate designs. Wall graphics don’t have to be installed as one, they can be cut and installed as multiple pieces. Want to recreate that epic scene with Thor, Captain America and Thanos from Avengers: Endgame? Contact Signs Now and we’ll bring your superheroes and a vivid battlefield to life for you. How about a tropical beach or a soothing rainforest? Aerial views of city skylines are also very popular!

Memorable – Most offices and hospitality spaces have blank and bland walls. Standing out, establishing your brand, and top of mind recall are the holy trinity of marketing today. Wall decals help you achieve just that.

Affordable to install – Wall graphics are inexpensive ways of making your store or office space much more inviting. Designing graphics is relatively easy; and printing, cutting and installation are extremely efficient processes. No wonder getting custom wall graphics is so affordable for all business owners.

No maintenance – Once installed, your wall decals are going nowhere. Wall decals are typically made of hard-wearing materials that resist splashes, stains and even scratches. Just take a moist cloth and gently wipe the surface clean. Run a restaurant or event space? You’ll really thank your wall decal when a drink is spilt on your wall.

If you are looking for a responsive, affordable and creative sign partner in Lake County, Signs Now is your only choice. Our design team can present creatives to you on the basis of your requirements. Or you can design exactly what you want. Our printing and cutting services are as flexible as our signs. Contact us for custom wall graphics today.

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