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Custom ADA Signs

The term ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. A company is legally obligated to follow ADA guidelines for certain business signs. The purpose of ADA signs is to make sure that all the public facilities of a property is accessible to everyone, and they can navigate without any discomfort, despite having any disability or visual impairment. It is essential to have custom ADA signs installed to pass government inspections and to create a welcoming environment for everyone who visits your facility.

At Signs Now, we carefully listen to all your signage requirements and provide inputs to come up with custom business signs that are visually appealing and adhere to all the guidelines mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It does not matter which industry you belong to; ADA braille signs are mandatory for all. As per law, all permanent spaces and rooms are required to have ADA compliant signs. Such signs include Bathroom Signs, Elevator Signs, and ADA Directional Signs (Entrances & Exits), signs that target towards ramps for wheelchairs must follow ADA guidelines.

The importance of ADA Signs for Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business in  , IL or already running one, as a business owner you must be aware of ADA guidelines. Having custom ADA signs for your business ensures that you are law-abiding, and you care about the people who are facing disabilities. If your property is well marked by ADA braille signs it will become easier for the people with disabilities to navigate through. This opens more business opportunities as people with disabilities generally prefer to make purchases where they have proper accessibility. Providing a better environment for them also makes a positive impact on your brand and customers develop more trust towards your business.  

Should all signs be ADA compliant?

No, that’s not the case. Signs which are used for advertising purposes, signs with company name and logo, address signs, signs which are not placed in public areas, emergency exit signs, temporary signs are some that do not require ADA compliance. However, it is recommended that all your Indoor Signs are ADA compliant to have a better thematic effect.

Contact us today, and we will answer all your queries related to ADA signs. We offer many choices of materials and designs to deliver the perfect sign for your business in and nearby areas. We keep an eye on all those minute details like Sign Placement, Size and Type of Fonts, using Pictograms wherever needed, and choosing the correct material to adhere to all ADA guidelines.

Entrance ADA Signs

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