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Brand your building, office or retail space in the best way possible with outdoor business signs from Surely Signs in Chicago. From illuminated signs to custom outdoor signs for business, there are many different types of exterior signs you can use to attract people’s attention and give your business the professional look it needs.

Whether it’s a fascia sign on the exterior of your space or your company name smartly displayed using channel letters, we have a solution that will fit your needs and your budget. At Surely Signs in Chicago, we’re always keeping up with new signage trends and options so that we can provide our clients with new and interesting ways use outdoor signs to differentiate your business space and make your brand stand out


Outdoor signs for business are essential for raising brand awareness, promoting sales and events, and helping customers locate your building. If you want to increase your foot traffic, generate more sales, and give your business an edge over the competition, consider exterior business signs a necessity in Chicago. When it comes to choosing the right exterior signs for your needs, know that Surely Signs offers a wide variety of options for your Chicago, IL area business.

High-quality outdoor signs value to your business by attracting more positive attention, building trust with your customers, and strengthening your brand by professionally showcasing your logo, fonts, and colors. Whether you need LED outdoor signage that brightly advertises your business at night, or colorful flags and banners to promote your business’s next event, we can help.

Still not sure you need exceptional outdoor signs? Did you know that local businesses report that 85% of their customers live or work in a 5-mile radius of their location? That means you have a huge opportunity to put your brand in front of potential customer multiple times per month! In addition, outdoor sign company near you offer a lower cost per impression than billboards, television or newspaper ads because business building signs offer longer term exposure at an affordable cost.

It’s Time For Your Business To Invest In Great Exterior Business Signs

Whether you have a retail store, a hair salon, a restaurant or any other type of business, an impactful and well-designed sign is critical. Surely Signs can create exterior signs that draw in customers and raise brand awareness.

The right custom building signs can help you get more attention from your target market. When creating your exterior business signs, keep these tips in mind:

Some popular outdoor signage options include:

Your Local Outdoor Sign COmpany in Lake County, IL

Outdoor sign company “near me” can offer an incredible return on investment. However, it’s not just any signage that will deliver the results you want. Thankfully, Surely Signs has the skills you need to help create signs that drive more customers through your doors. Regardless of industry, if your business is looking for outstanding outdoor signage to help improve your success, contact us. Additionally, if you currently have a monument sign, a panel sign or any other type of exterior sign that could use some maintenance or an upgrade, we can help with that too!

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