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Lobby Signs in

Whatever be the kind of business that you are running, you must make a good first impression. Lobby Signs, also known as Reception Signs, are a great way of making an impressive first impression and sending a clear message about your business to your customers in . They provide a professional look to your business. A good Office Lobby Sign is the first thing that grabs customers’ attention and acts as a face for your business.

Your business signs must communicate the same tone as your brand. For this reason, you should be clear with certain details of your Reception Sign. In general, office lobby signs contain your business logo and name, tagline, and contact information. But for your signs to be effective, you must have a clear idea of their location, size, and the message it carries. The location of a Lobby Sign should be such that it could be viewed from different angles. The message should be short and on-point, for the visitors to give a clear idea.

We also offer a variety of materials to choose from for your next Lobby Signage in , IL. You can get them in vinyl, plastic, acrylic and even get them illuminated or backlit. Not sure, what to choose? Don’t worry our sign experts will assist you in making the right choice.

Types of Custom Lobby Signs & Office Reception Signage in , IL:

How To Get The Best Results From Lobby/Reception Signs?

Once you have finalized the type Lobby Sign for your business in , it is very important to remember that they are a part of Indoor Signs. When compared to Outdoor Signs which have the purpose of bringing in customers to the store, Indoor Signs are more focused on branding and providing a better overall experience to the customers. For that, it is essential that all your interior business signs should follow the same theme. You must plan out how your customers are going to navigate in your facility, what sign they will come across next, and whether that sign is showcasing your brand’s message correctly. We focus on all the above mentioned things to help you in and nearby areas.

Ordering Lobby Signs in Has Never Been This Easy

Enjoy a truly turnkey signage experience with a team that takes care of all the heavy lifting. Ordering office lobby signs is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 with Signs Now:

  1. Book a free consultation – Schedule a free assessment of your space. We’ll take measurements, check lighting, identify installation options, and more.
  2. Tell us about your requirements – Tell us what types of reception signage you want and the branding you want to include. We’ll help you create the most attractive signs for your space.
  3. Enjoy your new signs – Watch as your new signs go up painlessly. Our professional installers work with offices, hotels, firms, healthcare providers, retailers, and more. 

Your Custom Lobby Signs Have Super Powers

Maximize branding, enhance visitor experience, and brand your workspace with custom reception signs. Our customers use signs to: 

Get attractive signs at an affordable price for your space. We’ll help you identify cost-effective office reception signage that maximizes ROI. 

Tips To Design A Perfect Lobby Signs That Works in !!

The main purpose of any Reception Sign is to make a good first impression. For that to happen, it is necessary to have its size correct. You should consider the size of the hall, the size of the wall where it will be placed and the distance from which the visitors are going to see it. You can get these details sorted, but if you are not sure, you can always take professional help.

In general, custom office lobby signs contain information like your company’s name and tagline along with contact details. But these signs are not about that. Lobby Signs displays a company’s character, how they like to showcase themselves, and how serious are they about their business. It is important to use a font that is easy to read and looks clean. Fancy fonts sometimes miss on delivering the right message.

Get in touch with us and one of our experts will assist you in designing a perfect Reception Sign for your business.
Custom lobby signs
Custom lobby signs

Why We're the Go-To Sign Company in

Think you’re saving money with paper signs and standard ones from the big box store? There’s no bigger turn-off for visitors than drab signage! Work with Signs Now to deck out your space with coordinated, cohesive reception signs that look premium – without breaking the bank.

We’re the go-to signage company for businesses like yours because we: 

Discover the difference working with experienced professionals for lobby signs near you in makes. We don’t just build signs; we’ll help you make your space pop, increase sales, and make your business stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lobby signs are ones installed in entrance areas such as the reception, lobby, or waiting room. They are used to display the business’s branding prominently, including its branding, colors, and logo.

Since the lobby sign is one of the first signs visitors will see, make sure yours are eye-catching and make the right first impression.

Lobby signs can provide 10+ years of hassle-free performance with little-to-no maintenance. We recently heard from a client that they’re taking their lobby sign to their new offices–12 years after installing it!

We only use high-quality materials and LED lighting for trouble-free ownership. Our sign builders bring years of experience, ensuring exceptional finish every time.

Aluminum, stainless steel, wood, brass, and acrylic are some of the most popular materials used for lobby signage. You want to use a material that enhances the look of your sign and matches your décor. That’s why we advise sitting down with a signage expert to understand your options before placing an order.

That depends on the size and complexity of the sign. We can often make a variety of small lobby signs in as little as 4-6 business days while larger, more complicated signs may take up to 4-6 weeks to design and build. Lead times can be longer due to supplier-related issues. Our team will try to give you as accurate a build time as possible and keep you posted in case of delays.

It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling Signs Now at (224) 223-4080 or messaging us at contact page. If you aren’t sure about the type of sign you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to help.

Our team usually gets back to inquiries on the same day, though please allow up to 72 hours for us to get back to you.

Absolutely! Acrylic hits the sweet spot of durability, appearance, and price. If you see a glass sign today, it’s most likely made of acrylic. Low-quality acrylic has a bad reputation for scratching easily; however, our acrylic is scratch- and shatter-resistant – almost like tempered glass. Buy an acrylic lobby sign with confidence – it’ll look great for years!

Signs Now is the go-to sign company for businesses across . We work with all types of businesses, from gyms and retail stores to hotels and law firms. You’ll work with experienced, knowledgeable professionals who understand your industry.
Take advantage of an in-house design and fabrication team to bring your dream signs to life.

Like lobby signs, reception signs are installed in the reception area. You’ll find them commonly at hotels, offices, and event spaces. Reception signs are vital for making a favorable first impression on visitors, so make sure you get the design right. Don’t have a design in mind? Our team will be happy to create some proofs for you.

Office lobby signs serve two primary functions:
• Branding
• Decoration
Make sure you customize your sign to represent your brand faithfully. That means cohesively incorporating branding elements such as colors, the logo, and the business name.
Second, you want to make sure it matches or enhances the décor. Consider various lighting and material options to get the design just right.