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Channel Letter Signs

If you are planning for a new custom channel letters for your office or storefront and not sure about the options available, we will make it simple for you in , IL. Go for channel letters Signs in . If you are wondering why? Well, channel letter signs are one of the most popular signage options as they grab more attention and give a professional look to your business. They provide a 3D effect and can be illuminated by installing LED lights within each letter. Not only that but illuminated channel letter signs can also have a logo or an image to have a distinctive look.

If you are looking to drive more customers in your stores or planning to establish your new brand in , and surrounding areas, get in touch with Signs Now today. We offer countless fonts and design options and assist our customers to make the right choice. Our team has the expertise and technical capabilities to deliver the best lighted channel letters for your business.

Types of Custom Channel letters

In general, lighted channel letters are used as exterior signs to attract more customers towards a retail store. In some cases, they are also used as interior signs in restaurants or huge retail outlets for branding purposes. Their usage depends on what a business is looking to achieve. There are three major types of channel letter signs:   

They are the most commonly used channel letters and can be easily seen at many retail outlets and outdoor shopping centers. Each letter is illuminated by installing an LED inside. The front part of the letters is covered with pigmented or decorated plastic. This could be matching the base color or can be a contrast. With the correct light source and vinyl plastics, any color can be achieved for illumination.  

They are built in a way that light comes out from the back of the letter which creates a halo effect. These channel letter signs give a classy look. These signs are mounted a bit away from the wall for the halo effect to take place.   

They are also known as combination channel letters as they are a combination of front and backlit channel letters. They provide a stunning combination of internally lit and backlit illumination. Usually, the lights are of different colors to give a halo effect in the background and contrasting color at the front.   

Choosing the right type of custom channel letter sign for your business completely depends on the type of business you are in. For instance, a retail shop owner who is looking for a business sign in and nearby areas for a few hours after sunset may consider the front-lit channel letter sign. On the other hand, a nightclub that has customers coming in all night might go for combination channel letters to make better impressions on their customers.   

If you are not sure about which channel letter sign is right for your business, contact Signs Now and we will assist you with all your signage requirements. 

Custom channel letters for business

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