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Custom Outdoor Building Signs

For a business to be successful, it needs to be well recognized by its potential customers. As they will only think about making a purchase when they are aware about the brand. High- quality building signs get your business that recognition and sets it apart from the competition. Custom building signs help in spreading awareness and building trust which is a decisive factor in improving sales and customer base.

Whether it is about building a strong brand or running a promotional campaign in through effective business signs, the team at Signs Now possess the creativity and technical ability to provide outdoor building signs in , IL, and surrounding areas.

Types of Custom Building Signs

Exterior building signs should be an integral part of any brand’s outdoor advertising mix. There are many different options available that can be chosen based on the nature of your business.  

They are the most common type of building signs. Channel letters have a transparent face, and that provides the opportunity to install led lights into the letters and create a 3d effect. 

Channel letter signs are very versatile as there are many fonts, colors, and design options available to customize them to your needs. They can be used for any type of facilities like manufacturing companies, hospitals, retail outlets, transportation hubs and many more.   

They provide the option for a business to be seen 24×7. Lighted building signs are very effective for businesses which operate during the night such as gas stations, restaurants, theatres, convenience stores, etc. These signs are illuminated by using LED lights which are cost-effective and do not require much maintenance.   

They are also known as projecting signs or blade signs. Hanging business signs are installed perpendicular to the wall of your facility. They can also be illuminated by using a backlit cabinet. Custom hanging signs can be made from wood, metal, or high-density Urethane foam. They are great for attracting foot traffic and can be designed to complement other business signs.

They are one of the most popular sign choices by retail stores. Fascia Signs are rectangular in shape and are illuminated by LED lights. The biggest advantage is, once installed, their face can be changed with a very low investment when compared to installing a new sign. They are a very good choice for businesses which are in a shopping mall or a small market.  

They are multipurpose signs that protect storefronts from weather conditions as well as act as an exterior building signage. They are made with either canvas or nylon and provide a very distinctive look to any retail outlet. Awning signs made of nylon are very sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions.  

As stated above, there are different types of custom outdoor business signs and each of them has a different impact on business and most importantly on your brand’s image. If you have questions on the type or the cost of commercial building signs for your business in , IL or nearby areas, don’t worry, just get in touch with us and have all the answers. Get your free quote by speaking with one of our sign experts today! 

Custom building signs

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