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Custom Glass Signs

Etched glass signs create a cool, modern look that businesses in use for interior and lobby signs. Imaged glass can be etched during production, or you can apply custom frosted glass decals to get graphics, lettered signs, and other imagery onto your office doors. Signs Now is a full-service provider of custom etched glass signs for businesses in the land area, and every sign we make is customized to meet your needs exactly. 

How Glass Etching Works

Etching glass produces a pleasant frosted effect by changing the texture of the glass surface. Surfaces can be etched to produce text, images, graphics with the illusion of depth, and complex abstract designs. This can be a fun way to set your brand voice for visitors to your office, as well as for the more mundane tasks office signage usually does, like announcing office hours and listing department directories.

Types of Etched and Frosted Glass Signs

Custom glass signs can be made in various ways, and there are subtle differences in the finished product. As a normal part of the development process, we can consult with you over your options and help you decide what kind of signage for glass doors works best in your office space.

Frosted Glass Signs: Frosted glass is probably the simplest way to go. Frosting a glass pane evenly produces a fogged effect that scatters light passing through the door and prevents people seeing details on the other side of it. This is great for privacy, but it still lets enough light through to keep an office space feeling light and airy. Frosted glass doors are popular with semi-open offices.

Etched Glass Signage: If you want a more intricate design, we can etch patterns into glass of almost any size. Leaving most of the pane clear, we are able to apply your lettering, design elements, silhouettes, and other images into what is basically an art piece for your office or lobby. Companies often go with this option for lobby signage or permanent displays where they want a cooler and more modern look than traditional sign materials can achieve.

Etched Glass Lighted Signs: Lighting up etched glass signs opens a whole new world of eye-catching design options. Put your company logo on a pane of etched glass, then light it from behind or below with low-temperature LEDs to get people’s attention in an understated display. Use blue light for an icy effect on your brand logo, or drop red under it to grab attention and create a hot, high-intensity effect. The LEDs used for lighted signs don’t draw much power and, unlike neon, they’re silent.

Custom Etched and Printed Glass Signs in , Illinois

Signs Now is ‘s leader in designing, developing, and producing custom glass signs for businesses all over the area. We are a full-service shop that works with you at every stage of the sign production process, from the initial design idea to the finished installation. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote for your own custom glass signs.

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