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Have you ever needed some custom signage made, only to feel underwhelmed with the results? Well, my manufacturing company, Surely Signs, uses the most advanced technology and materials to quickly create “works-of-art” so the messages of our clients start generating new sales right away.

Advanced Technology: We use solvent-free ink that is not only good for the environment, but it penetrates the substrate more evenly than solvent-based ink, so fewer passes of the printer heads are needed to achieve full saturation. Our printers are also equipped with a convection heating system that enables our graphics to be handled, and even laminated, immediately upon creation while our competitors need to let theirs dry for up to 24 hours.

Our Color Management System is the best in the Process Printing industry. We use the same portable device (colorimeter) that we use to calibrate our design computer monitors and printers to match your desired color.

We print on wraps & coverings that require Active Pressure before they adhere which significantly reduces the time to install. We use Floor Covering laminates specially made to prevent skidding so floors are safer for customers to walk on after the floor graphic is laid down.

Custom outdoor wall graphics


Surely Signs has deep roots. Randy’s mother, Shirley, was a commercial artist and sign painter for 60 years, painting under her company name of “Shirley Studios” in Peoria, IL and Pleasanton, CA. She specialized in bannerswall muralswindow graphics, and vehicles wraps. She was a noted artist who published several books and painted many trucks for the circuses that would pass through town.

Although Randy grew up around sign-making, he went in a slightly different direction – obtaining his degree in electrical engineering and working for a company that makes the printers & plotters that produce many signs today! Randy spent 23 years in a variety of leadership positions for that company, including R&D, Training, Technical Support, and Customer Service Operations.

When the opportunity arose to start his own sign manufacturing company, Randy eagerly jumped at the chance to bring joy to several customer bases while utilizing his decades of experience of leading customer service and support organizations. He pays homage to his mom’s influence by choosing “Surely Signs” as the company name.

Surely Signs founder Randy on moms back as she paints signs

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