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Banners in are one of the most efficient ways of advertising your business, highlighting special offers, or celebrating special occasions. Due to their high visibility, outdoor banners are great for catching your potential customer’s attention on a busy street. At Signs Now, we offer numerous designs and materials of custom vinyl banners that suit your requirements perfectly for personal or commercial use. The materials used in banner printing are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our quality custom banners and signs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

We offer a variety of finishing options such as pole pockets, taped or sewed hems, grommets, Banner-ups, Nylon Webbing, and more.

Whether you have an upcoming special event, grand opening, or a sales promotion coming up, or looking to boost your outdoor advertising. We will be with you the whole time and assist you in making the right choices in terms of sizing, design, finish, and mounting to meet your desired goals.

Street Banners Applications

Tips To Design Effective Custom outdoor Banners in chicago

For vinyl street banners to be effective they must have exceptional design, or they will not make an impact. Here are some tips that can help in designing a perfect banner for commercial use.

Colors play a vital role while designing banners. Apart from branding, colors have a psychological effect on the viewer’s mentality. Choosing the right colors that convey the message and aligns with the brand is very important for designing a perfect banner.  

It is always better to choose fonts which are readable not only from proximity but from a distance as well. The size of the fonts matters a lot too, it should be always balanced well with the size of the image used in the banner.

For a custom vinyl banner to be effective, it is mandatory to have a clear focal point. While designing the banner the focal point should be highlighted with either text, background color or using an image. Viewers should get a clear idea about the banner’s message with their first look.  

One of the most important traits for banners to be effective is its size. Bigger the banner better would be its reach and it will bring in more leads. Along with that, the size of the fonts and graphics should be equally matched.

Types of Banner Signs

Maximize your advertising and marketing potential with a team that helps bring your vision to life. We aren’t just another sign company in , we’re your marketing partners. Browse a large selection of decals, banners, hanging signs, and more: 

Can’t find the types of banners you’re looking for? Take advantage of a fully-equipped manufacturing company that prints and prepares all types of banners. We only use high-quality vinyl from major suppliers like 3M. 

Design Custom Banner Signs and Decals for Your Business or Event

Don’t settle for standard templates that look basic and generic. Discover the difference working with a creative team makes. We help businesses across with eye-catching banners that generate leads.

Personalize every custom vinyl banner exactly as you’d like. You can decide on the color, shape, graphics, material, mounting method, and more. We make ordering banners for your business or event completely seamless:

Step 1: Tell us about your design or work with our specialized team to create one.

Step 2: Provide us with specifications for your banner, such as its dimensions, where it will be placed, and the like.

Step 3: You can have the banner delivered to your location for installation, or you have the option to pick it up at our store.

Enjoy white-glove service from a professional team for banner signs near you. 

Work With the Best Local Banner Company in

Unlike other banner companies near you, we never cut corners on quality for low prices. You can benefit from high-quality materials, digital banner printing in , and expert craftsmanship for premium banners at an affordable price.

Our customers rely on us for:

We work with main street businesses, professional firms, educational institutions, and event organizers for their signage. We accept large and last-minute orders for signs. 


If you are looking for a custom banner to advertise your business by a local banner company, get in touch with Signs Now. We are a full-scale banner printing company in , IL and services are also available in Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Grayslake, Lake Zurich, Lake County, and surrounding areas in , IL.

We are fully capable of designing and implementing all types of business signs and our team of experts has vast experience in serving clients from different industries. For any signage requirements, just give us a call and one of our sign experts would be happy to speak with you. 

Customized outdoor banners advertisement

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Frequently Asked Questions

You see advertising banners everywhere—on billboards, transit advertising, and outside event venues. Advertising banners are made of vinyl and have graphics and a message printed on one or both sides. They are an extremely popular means of outdoor advertising, hitting the sweet spot between cost, customizability, and durability. No wonder some of America’s biggest businesses, like Apple and Capital One, invest so much in banners.

A small, indoor vinyl banner (1’ x 2’) starts from as little as $7.49 and can go up to $459.99 for large outdoor banners (8’ x 12’). For oversized or customized banners, talk to us to get a quote. The price of your banners depends on their size, shape, where they will be installed, and the mounting option you have chosen.

Vinyl banners are water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. Small spills and occasional exposure to liquids should not damage indoor vinyl banners; simply use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe the banner clean. For outdoor banners, we apply water-repellent coatings and use specialized vinyl to protect them from rain damage.

Banners are made of a material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Small indoor banners, such as wall banners, are made from a 350gsm vinyl gauge; larger outdoor banners, such as billboards, are made of a thicker 900gsm gauge. Our team selects the most suitable vinyl for your application, ensuring you get the durability you need without needless expense.

That’s really hard to answer without knowing what conditions the banners are installed in. Indoor banners, such as retractable banners and wall banners, can last years if stored properly. Outdoor banners can last up to about six months but will start to fade under harsh sunlight. Tell us where you plan to install your banner and find out which material is best suited for your needs.

Our banners start at $7.49 (1’ x 2’) and go up to $459.99 (8’ x 12’). For oversized and specially-sized banners, speak to us to get a quote.

To get maximum value for your dollar, talk to our team. We help customers select vinyl and installation options that add value rather than just raise the price of the banner.

Vinyl banners are some of the most versatile signs you can get for your business. Choose from a wide range of banners, including:

  • Wall banners
  • Hanging banners
  • Tabletop banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Billboards

Get premium banners at an affordable price—we design and print banners ourselves. Every banner goes through extensive QA before being shipped to you.

Our standard vinyl banner sizes range from 1’ x 2’ to 8’ x 12’, and banners are available in both landscape and portrait formats. For the complete list of standard sizes.

And you don’t have to settle for standard banners either! We can print and prepare banners of any size and shape.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to vinyl banners. They are some of the most customizable signs you can get and are used for things such as:

  • Advertising promotions and products
  • Branding the workspace
  • Branding events
  • Setting up booths at tradeshows
  • Giving the business seasonal decor

Banners are printed on vinyl (PVC). Vinyl is a great canvas for printing and offers an outstanding balance between cost, appearance, and durability. Choose from a wide range of finishes to get the look just right: it’s available in gloss, matte, frosted, clear, and colored varieties. Talk to us to explore the full range of options and find the most suitable material for you.