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Lightbox Signs

Entice your customers with eye-catching lightbox signs. Lightboxes are a great option for storefront and promotional signage. Light up your frontage with customized signs that don’t break the bank!

Signs Now offers two types of signs: branding signs and promotional signs. 

We are a one-stop sign shop in ! Talk to us today to design your own sign today. LED lighting signs mean signs don’t cost much to illuminate all day and night! 

Types of Light Box Signs

Don’t see the backlit sign you are looking for? We can custom design any type of sign. You will work with an experienced team that helps you choose options that keep the cost of lightbox signs within budget. 

Get standout signs at a great price – we don’t compromise on quality for price!

Light Box and LED Sign Services In , IL

Lightboxes are made of an opaque box with a glass sign face. Sign lettering is attached or printed on the sign face.

Outdoor lightbox signs are some of the most common signs. You will find them above: 

The simple design of the sign makes it extremely robust. Signs can be installed outdoors without having to worry about weather damage. The simplicity in design also makes these signs very cost-effective. Most signs require little maintenance during their lifetime. 

Why are our Illuminated signs better?

Our signs are made right here in the land area. Unlike with some sign makers who import from China, we fabricate everything here and keep business in the heart of our community. We want to ensure you get lightbox signs that do the job rights you will get: 

Recreate the ‘neon look’ without the cost and fragility of neon with LEDs! 

Make Your Message Stand Out with Custom Lightbox Signs

Bring your vision to life with customized LED lightbox displays. We can build signs of any size or shape! All aspects of the sign can be personalized: 

Uses of Lightbox Signs

Need a signboard in fast? There’s nothing better than a commercial lightbox sign. Our signs will help you: 

LED Sign Installation in

Do away with the hassle of having the sign installed. Our sign package includes installation. 

Your One-Stop Shop for Light Box Signs Near You in

Signs Now works with all types of establishments in . Hospitals, convenience stores, boutiques, and professionals trust us for their signage.

You will work with experienced sign builders when you choose us. Our team designs, builds, installs, and maintains signs. Now that’s truly turnkey service!

Get all your signs in one place!

Sign boxes, channel letter signs, lobby signs, and much more available. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lightbox sign is an electrically-lit sign with mechanisms to enclose, suspend, protect, and display a discrete sheet of backlit film. The film is intended to transmit light so that the image is brighter, more in contrast, and more saturated in color. This signage is a very powerful tool for business promotion because they stand out, attract attention, and entice customers.

Lightboxes are a fantastic choice for commercial and storefront signage. With personalized signs that won’t break the bank, illuminate your facade! Contact us today to learn more about this sign.

Lightboxes are constructed with aluminum extrusions that form the external edges of the lightbox and internal braces that further strengthen the box. We use high-quality translucent vinyl that is specifically designed to illuminate and transmit light evenly and consistently. When less expensive, non-translucent films are used, the illumination of the sign can be blotchy and inconsistent. Then we use premium, low voltage LED lighting to illuminate the cabinet.

Lightboxes are frequently seen in high-traffic areas like the awning, roof, or exterior wall of a business or corporate building, a nightclub, a pub, or a bar. Additionally, they are frequently used as informational signs, such as at a cash register in a store, to display directions in airports, as notice boards in train stations and airports, or even as menus and signs for restaurants. You will need to check your local village sign ordinances to ensure where a lightbox sign can be placed.

This signage is best for all types of businesses. They are often installed outside clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes. You can even find them in public transportation facilities, corporate buildings, retail stores, and showrooms. For more information about this sign, contact us today at (847) 566-9020.

Yes, it’s very simple! We can manufacture your lightbox sign for direct wiring to an AC source or can configure it with a plug to connect in a standard outlet.

This depends entirely on what you need it for and what your business is about. Contact us today and our experts will help you determine what type of LED sign is best for your business. All of our cabinet / lightbox signs are UL approved.

Talk to a representative about discounts on bulk orders.