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Acrylic Signs for Your Chicago Business

Affordable, customizable, and durable signs that can make any office feel fresh and modern – what more can you ask for! There are hundreds of uses of acrylic signs such as lobby signs, display plaques, door signsADA signswayfinding signagebusiness directories, and more. Want custom signs for your space? Our acrylic signs can be fully customized for shape, color, design, installation, and even come with lighting.

An expert team will work with you to design custom signs that incorporate your branding and designs.

We design small and large custom acrylic signs for offices, commercial buildings, shopping complexes, lawyers and accountants, transit authorities, and many other Chicago businesses. Choose from a large selection of standard and custom acrylic signs. Speak to a representative about a single sign or a complete sign package for your premises. 

Types of Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs (also called Plexiglass signs) are a popular kind of indoor signage. They are lightweight, easy to install, and durable. Our signs are available in commonly used standard shapes and sizes; we also prepare fully personalized signs. Acrylic sheets are available in the following configurations. 

Our signs are unique in Chicago because we offer various LED lighting options for your acrylic signage. 

What is an acrylic sign? Standard surface and subsurface printing explained

Acrylic is a transparent, Plexiglass-type of material, often confused for plastic. Acrylic sheets are typically about 1/8″ thick. Acrylic signs can be printed in two different ways: standard surface and subsurface printed.

Standard surface printing, also called front side acrylic,prints the design over the acrylic sheet’s front fascia. If you were to run your fingers over the front of the sign, you would feel the ink’s texture. These signs have a matte finish, which can make them more legible.

Subsurface printing, or second surface printing, prints the design on the back of the acrylic sheet. The front of the sign is smooth, giving it a glossier, more luxurious finish. However, this can affect its legibility under bright lighting.

Which type of sign is right for you depends on its application and where the sign will be installed. 

Best Acrylic Signs Printing near Chicago, IL

Surely Signs makes getting signs as easy as can be. An experienced team of designers, builders, and installers makes getting standard and custom acrylic signs completely turnkey. We produce high-quality signs that can raise the ambiance of the office. Speak to a representative about your signage needs in Chicago. We accept large and last minute orders.  

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