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Custom Bathroom Signs

We see so many business signs daily that we start ignoring them. But when we want something, we start seeing that everywhere. This happens especially when nature calls, and one of the most uncomfortable experiences is when we are not able to find a bathroom sign. Sometimes, when we need these signs the most, they are not visible no matter how hard we look. This happens when signs are not placed in the right places or are not easily accessible. Imagine if you face such a situation in a retail outlet, would you prefer to visit that store again? Most people won’t. Every business owner needs to take commercial bathroom signs seriously, as they are one of the most looked signs in the facility.

Modern bathroom signs provide a clear direction to all the visitors and employees when it is needed. In some cases, they are also used as directional signs. In the case of a public restroom, it is mandatory that they follow ADA guidelines. ADA Signs allow everyone including people who are facing any disability to navigate easily in an area. If the facility supports people who are wheelchair-bound, then it should have a pictogram installed on the bathroom sign.

Personalized Bathroom Sign Ideas

Bathroom Signs or Restroom Signs appear to be something which is very generic and can be found everywhere in or any other city  , so why take them so seriously? This is a thought that comes to every business owner when they reach out to Sign Companies in , IL. Most often we ignore that there are people who do not have the luxury of living a normal life. To make their life easy, the government introduced the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

ADA Bathroom Signs must have special features that help people who are visually impaired, or wheelchair-bound to navigate easily. This can be done through tactile letters, pictograms, and braille signsFor people who do not have a strong vision, they depend on receiving the information by touching the letters. These signs should have a very high contrast ratio so that it does not hurt people to look who have partial or blurry vision.   

Legal Implications

It is mandatory by law, for those restrooms which are open for public usages to have ADA compliant signs. Companies who are not adhering to the ADA guidelines get legal notice to get the signage changed. It is considered an act of discrimination against the disabled. If not changed, they get hefty fines from the government which are way above the costs of installing ADA compliant signs.

ADA compliance does not mean that you cannot get high-quality signs that are visually appealing. We provide all types of bathroom and restroom signs in , IL with numerous designs and color schemes, illuminated and non-illuminated signs and much more. Get in touch with us today and we will take care of all your signage requirements.

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