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Commercial Fleet Wraps and Graphics

As marketing tools, commercial fleet wraps are very impactful and affordable forms of advertising. Once wrapped, your vehicle fleet becomes mobile promoters of a brand. To have a successful advertisement, consistency is the key, fleet wraps and fleet graphics enable mobile advertising 24X7, 365 days a year. Imagine the number of impressions commercial fleet graphics will generate? And if you have more than one vehicle or a huge fleet, multiply those impressions and imagine the kind of traction they can generate for your brand. 

The best part about investing in fleet wraps is they generate buzz about your brand in the areas where your business operates, which means your main target audience is becoming aware of your brand.

Covering your vinyl wraps with fleet wraps is a big business decision and that’s why you should talk to the professionals. At Signs Now in our experts carefully analyze your brand and assist you at each step of designing your commercial fleet graphics. Our design specialists cover every tiny detail and its impact on the outcome to make sure you get complete worth of your investment. If you are based in , Lake County, Lake Zurich  IL, or nearby areas, Signs Now is your local vehicle wraps provider, delivering end to end services for commercial vehicle wraps.

Advertise Your Company With Custom Fleet Wraps & Graphics

Fleet wraps require a one-time investment, and, on an average, they last for at least three to five years. Our custom fleet wraps guarantee increased visibility and can improve your brand perception. You can get your brand’s logo, tagline, contact details on your vehicle, also highlight your services through creative artworks. Delivery Trucks, trailers, vans, buses, and any other commercial vehicle can be utilized for promoting your brand. 

We are keen on every detail and our installation facility is dust-free and always kept at the optimum temperature to make sure that each wrap is installed with precision.

Benefits of Vinyl Wraps for Your Business Fleet

Fleet vehicle wraps offer many benefits to a business. They help businesses to expand their reach in the areas where they do not have a strong presence. For instance, a cargo delivery truck might deliver at places that are thousands of miles from their registered office but still the local population will get aware of the brand. Their method of catching attention is very subtle, they do not disturb or stop someone from what they are doing. 

Apart from promoting the brand and generating countless impressions, vinyl graphics also protect vehicles by adding an extra layer of protection. They prevent vehicles against small scratches and weather conditions. This, in turn, improves the life of original body paint of the vehicle and you get better value for them when you are selling them.

When installed professionally, vehicle wraps can be removed without leaving any mark on the vehicle. If you are thinking that your business can also benefit from fleet graphics in , IL, just get in touch with us and one of our vinyl wrap specialists will resolve all your queries about fleet wraps.

Whether it’s about replacing your old wraps to a new business theme or you have a new business that needs to gain some traction, we are happy to assist you. Give us a call today!

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