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Custom Metal Signs , IL

Nothing beats metal if you are looking for premium, durable signage! Make a statement with quality custom metal signs at your premises. We are a full-service sign shop fabricating and building all types of large and small metal signs for your business. Contemporary signs for indoor and outdoor applications. Choose from a wide range of materials, including aluminum, brass, steel, and chrome.

Our signs are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Signs Now works with property managers, offices, store owners, warehouses, gas stations, auto dealerships, healthcare providers, professional institutions, and other businesses in for their custom aluminum signs. Business owners turn to us for a great signage experience and signs that help enhance marketing efforts. We are the best place for custom-cut metal signs!

Metal Lobby Signs for Business in  , IL
Metal Lobby Signs for Business in , IL

What Are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are signs which are predominantly made of metal. This can mean a metal backplate with acrylic letters, individual cut metal letters, a free-standing metal sign, or a sign that is themed to look ‘industrial.’

Many outdoor signs are made of metals such as steel and aluminum because they are extremely customizable, hard-wearing, and lend a sophisticated air to the establishment. There are many indoor uses of metal signs, too, as many businesses opt for metals because of their premium finish.

Choose from many different types of metal signs

Types of vinyl signs

Don’t see the metal business signs you are looking for? A fully equipped fabrication shop can create any type of large or small metal signage. Talk to a representative and discuss your requirements today.

Uses and Benefits of Metal Signs for Business

Improve customer experience, enhance branding, make your business appear upscale, and do so much more. Our customers use large custom metal signs to:

Create attractive signs that help you maximize branding with an experienced signage company in .

Ordering Custom Metal Signs in for Your Business Couldn't Be Easier

Don’t settle for “blah” designs that make your business blend into the background. Work with a professional team that makes ordering large or small metal signs simple.

Discover the difference working with a full-service sign company makes. We’ll assist you with city permits, advise on safety requirements, and more.

Personalized Metal Signs & Letters for Home & Business

Almost all signs made of metal are personalized according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Signs Now is one of the best sign shops in for custom metal signs because we design, build and install aluminum signs in-house. That means you get to work with an experienced team that says ‘Yes’ to your requirements!

Looking for “metal signs near ME”?

Beware the sign shop in that claims to build metal signs but actually outsources all its fabrication to a third party! That’s a recipe for loose quality control and disappointing results. It’s why business owners and property managers turn to us– the premier metal sign maker in for quality signage.

We make the whole process of getting aluminum metal signs completely turnkey. Our team designs fabricate, installs, and maintains custom aluminum signs from start to finish. Discuss your requirements with a representative today. 

Customize Signs for Your Business

Who said you’re stuck with standard templates – definitely not us! We’ll work with you to realize your vision. You are in control of your custom metal signs, including the style, shape, size, color, lighting, and more. A sign works best when it fits with your brand, which is why custom is so important. Your brand is unique, and your sign should be too. 

Address Sign Metal
Address Sign Metal

Go-To Sign Company for Custom Metal Signs Near You

Law firms, engineering firms, construction companies, healthcare providers, and other businesses rely on us for high-quality large metal signs. We’re the go-to company because of our: 

Don’t wait to experience the Signs Now difference! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal signs are any kind of signage made from a metal such as aluminum, aluminum composite, stainless steel, or brass. They are some of the most eye-catching signs you’ll find in , especially when they’re teamed with LED lighting or 3D letters and symbols. Metal signs have become extremely popular for their long lifespan and the creative freedom you have in design.

Aluminum and aluminum composite are two of the most common choices for metal for signs. Both offer a great balance between durability, cost, and appearance. Signs may also be made of brass, copper, and iron. Note that not all materials are suitable for outdoor use, such as iron, due to the risk of corrosion.

Metal signs are some of the longest-lasting signs you’ll find. We recently heard from a client who wanted to replace the business’s original metal sign that had been installed 23 years ago! A little maintenance off and on, such as painting, can greatly increase the lifespan of the sign.

Metal signs can cost in a pretty varied price range depending on the size and style of the sign. Even where you install the sign will affect the cost of the sign since outdoor signs need weatherproofing to protect them from wind and water damage. To find out how much your sign will cost, talk to us today.

We usually use aluminum composite for most metal signs, unless the customer asks for a different metal specifically. Aluminum offers great value, is long-lasting, and is relatively easy to shape as well. It also resists corrosion, even if it’s unpainted, meaning it requires less maintenance over the long term. Finally, aluminum composite is lighter than steel, meaning you don’t need a wall brace to support the sign.

Absolutely, they are! Aluminum is a favorite metal for outdoor signs because it doesn’t rust, doesn’t discolor, and is impact-resistant. In case the sign gets damaged due to debris, aluminum can even be repaired, making it extremely cost-effective to own. Our aluminum signs are designed to handle ’s wind and snow storms!

You’re already at the best place to get metal signs in . Signs Now works with law firms, hospitals, government departments, offices, hotels, and so many other establishments for metal signs. Our customers trust us to deliver eye-catching, premium signs at competitive prices.

Worried about the cost of metal signs? Talk to us and find out how affordable metal signs can be.