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Custom Graduation Banners & Signs

Congratulation to the class of 2020! We want to celebrate the achievements of your graduating class. Whether you are a military college, sports school, elementary school, high school, or university, you need to decorate with graduation signs to celebrate the big day. For event planners of a grad party or ceremony or the proud parents, Signs Now in , Libertyville and nearby places has got you covered. We will help you choose the right signs and personalized graduation banners to recognize your students, children, and athletes. Moreover, we will create high-quality signage to promote your graduating classes and their successes.

Options for Graduation Banners 2020 in Lake County, IL

First, you need to determine who the sign is for

Class of 2020 Graduation Banner for Business in  , IL

How many graduation party banners and signs do you need?

Once you have figured out the requirements of your personalized graduation banners, you need to determine how many you need. You also need to figure out where the signs are going to be. Will they be placed indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both. The location of the banner is necessary to know, so we can print your signs or banners on durable material. If the sign is to be left outdoors for an extended period of time, our sign company will suggest printing on a durable material that will withstand harsh weather conditions. As well, you need to let the sign company know how many signs you need and if you want a variety of sign types. Working with a professional like Signs Now in and nearby places will help guide you to choose the appropriate amount of signs for your event and suggest different sign options to meet your specific needs. 

Graduation Banner Signs for Business in  , IL

Do you want horizontal or vertical signage?

Signs Now will also want to know if you desire vertical or horizontal signs. Are the graduation banners going to be draped horizontally across the auditorium?  Are they going to be placed on a vertical banner? Or are they going to be placed on your front lawn? These are essential questions that you should be able to answer before you start purchasing your graduation signs.

Banner design and customization

Once you have established who the sign is for, and all your requirements, it’s time to start the design process. We suggesting purchasing personalized graduation banners, so you can incorporate school colors, logo, and custom messaging. This option also allows you to add images of your graduating class or student, and any other pictures you want to be included. 

Graduation Signs for Business in  , IL

Color Scheme and Background Image

You will also need to determine the color scheme of your banners or signs. Do you want a traditional looking graduation banner, or do you want to opt for a modern looking banner with a customized background pattern? Some of you may request a bursting confetti graduation banner background. However, some of you may stick to your traditional school colored banner.  We are here to support your creative vision and create graduation signs and banners that will enhance the aesthetic of your event.

If you are looking to order high-quality graduation banners “near me” in , Lake County, Libertyville, and nearby places then visit Signs Now. We will help you create high-quality bold signage for your graduation events. 

Congratulations Signage for Business in  , IL

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