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What ADA Compliant Signs Say About Your Business

Easy to understand custom ADA sign by Signs Now

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‘Why do I need ADA compliant signs?’ That is one question we get asked very often from business owners, particularly new ones. For many, the benefits of ADA compliant signs are a little hard to understand. After all, if you are not visually impaired, it would be difficult to try and empathize with the difficulties people with less than perfect vision go through.

Compliance with safety and accessibility rules is essential for your business. If prospective customers cannot read your signs, you are probably losing business.

Did you know, according to the National Institutes of Health, over 1 million Americans were legally blind in 2015.

Install ADA compliant signs and you will send out clear messages to prospective clients, customers and employees.

Respecting the law – There are federal, state and municipal laws about ADA signs. Even Lake County follows policy and procedure laid down by the state of Illinois. By installing ADA compliant signs, you show yourself as a business that complies with local laws. It shows a respect for the laws, enhancing your credibility and legitimacy.

Caring for everyone – Not just the visually impaired; loved ones too will praise you for taking the extra step of installing high contrast and braille signs. The impact of the positive impression that comes with ADA directional signs cannot be understated. Your clients and customers will be more willing to transact with businesses they hold in high regard, than one they do not.

Maximizing lead generation – It is mistakenly believed that visual impairments affect only a small subset of people. (Said this before). The number of people with visual impairment is expected to rise to over 8 million by 2050. That is a very sizeable amount of the population you could exclude from your business by not installing ADA compliant signs.

Safety minded – ADA signs help keep all occupants of your premises safe. The color contrast and size rules listed by the ADA make signs much more legible for people with visual impairments. This applies to direct line of sight and peripheral vision. A safer premise means fewer accidents and reduced chances of an expensive lawsuit.

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates accessibility and prescribes standards for things such as signage, transportation, hearing aids and more. The ADA has had a profound impact on accessibility of public and private spaces across the United States of America. In fact, ADA standards have transcended borders and are relied on in several other countries.

Some signs that are commonly made ADA compliant:

  • Emergency exits
  • Fire safety signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Name plates

Not every sign on your business premises needs to be ADA compliant. Lobby signs for instance, which are mostly an aesthetic feature, do not need to be made ADA compliant. However, many business owners choose to install accessible name plates which can be read by braille users and those with reduced vision.

Custom ADA Signs

If you want ADA compliant signs for your business, look no further than Signs Now. We work with many Lake County businesses. We are proud to design signs that make peoples’ lives easier and safer. We prepare ADA sign packages, which include directional signs, ADA compliant branding and more. Speak to a representative to learn more and receive a free quote.

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