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Bathroom Signs: The Signs That No Business Can Ignore

Custom Bathroom Signs

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We speak of quality signage driving customers to businesses. But ignore this one sign and all your good efforts can be simply flushed away. Signs to the washrooms are essential for giving your customers a comfortable experience when they visit your office or store.

In fact, custom bathroom signs are a great way of engaging with customers. In this article we’ll help you up your bathroom signs game. We’ll also help you take care of the essentials with custom ADA signs.

Why is it important to have custom bathroom signs?

Would you leave your premises uncooled in the summer or without heat in the winter? Having bathrooms and bathroom signs is simply another checkbox that you must tick mark. Customers always appreciate the convenience of easily accessible bathrooms. Too often businesses make their washrooms harder to access by not displaying clear directions.

Asking for directions to the washroom, especially in a crowded area, is often considered a bit ‘indelicate’. Bathroom signs will help free up your staff from constantly having to answer questions about where the washrooms are.

Also, anyone who has a vision impairment will know how a lack of ADA signs makes getting to the restrooms a perennial struggle.

Did you know if you design custom bathroom signs, they will likely not be ADA compliant? It is best to have both custom signs and ADA compliant for maximum accessibility.

Types of restroom signs

  1. Men and women’s restroom signs
  2. Gender-neutral restroom signs
  3. Accessible bathroom signs
  4. Custom ADA compliant bathroom signs

Essentials of bathroom signs

There are a few things you need to do to get right your signage to the bathroom.

  • Clear signage at the entrance – Signs should be placed at eye level and contrast with the surface on which they are mounted. Oftentimes this is on the door itself.
  • Custom ADA signs – You should have ADA compliant signs at the entrance to the bathroom too. These can be mounted next to the door frame, making them readable even when the door is open.
  • Wayfinding signs – A visitor to your premises need to be shown the way to the bathroom. This means consistent wayfinding signs that point them to bathroom stalls. Remember, you should have a directional sign every time a person has to take a turn.

An opportunity not to be missed

Hey, bathroom signs don’t need to be all serious. Let your creativity shine through as you make visitors chuckle at bathroom puns. Custom bathroom signs with a humorous edge may not make your customers buy more from you, but they will definitely make their visit memorable.

The top-of-mind recall is the holy grail of advertising and it is what drives return customers.

Seen a bathroom sign that you liked?

Get in touch with Signs Now to bring your unique bathroom signs ideas to life. Our team has helped businesses create a full line of bathroom signs, ADA signs and more. Call us to discuss your ideas and receive a quote for your bathroom signs.

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