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Directory Signs: it’s About Pointing Customers in The Right Direction

Custom Directory Signs

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Directory signs are often understood as just that: a directory of the businesses on the premises. However, directory signs have a lot of potentials to make customers’ visits a lot more convenient, while adding some style and flair.

Placed prominently, custom directory signs can make for ideal wayfinding signs and provide an opportunity for some discreet promotion. What’s more, they can bring a new level of professionalism to your workplace too. Read on to find out what custom wayfinding signs can offer for you.

What happens if you don’t have custom directory signs?

Visitors can easily feel stressed and confused when they don’t know where to go. Especially if someone is running late, the thought of getting lost only increases the level of anxiety. If you are the proprietor of a strip mall, don’t be surprised if agitated customers simply drive away rather than drive around looking for the business they wanted to visit. Here’s how you (and your commercial tenants) can lose out if you don’t invest in proper signage.

  • Loss of business
  • Poor customer experience
  • Lower customer satisfaction ratings
  • Dissuade visitors with accessibility issues
  • Reduce customer retention
  • Negative business reviews

Custom directional signs are, therefore, more than just a convenience feature. 

4 ways Directory Signage can bring value to your business:

Business directories don’t have to be simple business listings. They can add a lot more value to your and others’ businesses. Have you considered these things for your directory signs?

  1. Custom directional signs – Even simple arrows that point to the location of a business will help ease customers’ worries about getting lost. It may be hard to gauge the benefit you get, but happier customers and increased customer retention will be worth it.

  2. ADA directional signs – If your business directory signs are inside a building, make sure to include ADA directional signs. Those with vision difficulties will find it much easier to navigate your premises. The goodwill you will generate is sure to drive more clientele to your business.

  3. Advertising opportunity – It is one thing to have business listings at the very front of the building. However, space on custom directional signs can be sold as advertising space. It will become a regular revenue generator for your business.

  4. A professional ambiance – As a property owner or manager, you will find high-performing businesses and professionals demand a certain professional air of their offices. Business directory signs, such as pole and post signs or monument signs are essential to this. The client experience begins from the very first interaction – which is often when they reach the offices or forecourt of the building. If you have a confusing frontage, professionals will find your property less appealing, and you will generate lower rents too.

Custom directory signs in Lake County

Need wayfinding signs in Lake County? At Signs Now, we work with all types of businesses and property managers to design and install business directory signs. Our signs come with a variety of options, including illumination, easily swappable lettering and more. Contact us today to learn more about our directory signs and what they can do for your business.

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