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Types of Building Signs And How To Choose The Right One?

Custom building signs

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Ready to brand your building for the first time? Or, are you updating your brand and think your building needs a new look? Maybe your village recently changed the sign codes and now is the time to upgrade your look? There are a few different types of building signs you can choose from. Which one will help you best communicate your brand message, and attract attention to your storefront? Here are your options for custom outdoor signs.

Awning or Canopy Signs

Awning or canopy signs pop out from your storefront a bit. They are a great way to add dimension to your business. These building signs can also add a traditional, charming, handcrafted atmosphere that is sure to attract customers. That’s why you’ll often find awning signs on bakeries, specialty shops, and downtown boutiques.

Awnings are available in a wide range of styles and colors and can be customized with your brand’s front or logo. The fabric-like material resists rain and other weather, so the sign will look good for a long time. These signs also have the advantage of not needing to be powered, although you can install lights to make them more visible at night if you prefer.

Channel Letter Signs

The latest type of custom outdoor sign to be developed is the channel letter signs. These bold signs are composed of huge letters, each individually mounted to your building. Typically, companies choose to have these letters spell out their brand name and perhaps their slogan. These large signs are very attention-grabbing.

Further, channel letter signs can be lit in many ways. Back-lit signs have lights embedded into the letter. The light adopts the colors of the plastic it shines through. Or, consider a halo-lit sign, which floods light onto your channel letters and appears to create a halo behind them. We can help you decide which lighting option is right for your building signage. 

Monument Signs

Is your building a little far back from the road or your main entrance? In that case, you might benefit from a monument sign. Unlike the other building signage types, these signs aren’t attached to your building. Instead, they sit at about eye-level next to the road, or where they can be visible from the road.

Thinking of a Different Outdoor Sign?

At Signs Now we design and produce a huge range of custom outdoor signs for your business, all with consistent branding and eye-popping designs. Reach out to us today to discuss the kind of building signs we can create for you. Contact us now to receive a free quote!

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