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Custom Directional Signs to Enhance your Business

Custom directional signs Libertyville, IL

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Custom directional signs are a practical and visually appealing option to consider for any storefront or facility. Installed on the inside and outside of a business establishment, wayfinding signage serves to guide customers, easily. Custom signs also have important information that may be of interest to customers such as location of parking or public spaces dispersed within a building. Investing in wayfinding signs are important for all types of businesses, and at Signs Now, we believe the following outline a few reasons why.

Achieve More with Wayfinding Signs

Competitive Edge with External Wayfinding Signs

Businesses located in an area congested with other establishments can massively benefit from installing several exterior custom directional signs to capture customer attention leading them to the intended storefront or facility. In areas that may have several options, a wayfinding sign enables clients to choose your business, rather than settling for another brand that may be nearby.

Improve Customer Service

Corporations housed in large buildings, facilities containing a high level of traffic, department stores with many entrances, and shops containing specific service desks and/or pay stations can all benefit from wayfinding signs. Serving as directional aids that prompt clients and customers where to go without maps or seeking out representatives can be highly beneficial for any business and saves time.

A specific standard of wayfinding sign includes ADA directional signs, which serves members of your disabled community. These signs have certain characteristics mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act and inform of features required for your sign such as the use of braille, non-glare materials, and contrasting background and text colors. ADA compliant wayfinding signs are another way you can serve more members of your community and make everyone feel welcomed.

Additional Aesthetics

Although the primary purpose of custom directory signs is to provide information to customers, you can customize all wayfinding signage to complement your overall interior design and branding strategy.

Incorporating stunning graphics and creative messages in your signs can be highly attractive to customers. Some great examples are floor signage, wall lettering, and window decals. In addition, you may have any of your custom directional signs illuminated, which serves the added purpose of providing 24/7 visibility.

Improve Relationships with Suppliers Employees

Custom directional signs also aid in the daily business functions of suppliers and employees, by creating an environment that is easily navigated. Establishments that have many aisles and floors, such as grocery shops and hardware stores, can be challenging to organize and manage. However, investing in wayfinding signs enables the opportunity to know their environment, comfortably, while adhering to business standards.


Branding strategy is more than just pushing your logo, brand name, and slogan. Branding involves all factors that affect how your target market perceives your company. Wayfinding signs create a professional and organized appearance, which positively influences client trust, and places your brand at the forefront of your industry.

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