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ADA Signs: 3 Reasons Why Should You Not Ignore Them

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ADA signs are signs that are required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Several indoor signs must be ADA compliant, including those that label offices and bathrooms. At first glance, some may think it a waste of energy to design ADA compliant signs for a very small portion of the population, but there are at least three good reasons to go the extra mile. Don’t ignore ADA signs, for these reasons.

Make Your Customers Feel Welcome

 Those who need ADA signs may be a very small percentage of your total customers. However, think about how those customers feel. Without ADA compliant signs they may be completely unable to navigate your business. Not only will you lose them as a customer, you will have made their lives harder. ADA signs are a small price to pay to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable when interacting with your business.

Protect Your Brand Identity

Many customers who do not need ADA indoor signs may still take note of whether they see them. Customers who have friends and relatives with disabilities may be more sensitive to how a business caters to those with disabilities. Failing to have ADA signs could reflect poorly on your business.

These days, with social media acting as an amplifier for any customer complaints, a lack of ADA signs could create a PR blunder for your business. It’s always better to prevent a problem than work to fix it afterward.

Avoid Legal Penalties and Fines

ADA signs are also required by law. Businesses frequently face penalties for not installing them. In fact, the Department of Justice has increased the maximum penalties from $55,000 to $75,000 for first offenses. For subsequent failures to abide by ADA rules you could see a maximum of $150,000. That’s for only a single violation, like a single missing bathroom sign! 

We Understand ADA Sign Requirements

At Signs Now, we know which indoor signs need to be ADA compliant and what exactly that requires. We can help you assess how many ADA signs you need, where they need to be placed, and how they should be designed. Trusting the experts at Signs Now means that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re ADA compliant. Contact us today to receive a free quote!

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