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How Ceiling Signs Can Gather More Attention For Your Business

Custom Hanging Ceiling Signs for Business in  , IL

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Ceiling signs and banners are great ways to advertise at trade shows, in exhibition halls and in common retail spaces such as malls. Ceiling mounted signage takes care of one aspect of promotion – location! They are going to be prominent from the get-go: it’s your job as the business owner to make the best use of this advertising opportunity.

In the article, we are going to answer that age-old question, “what do I say on my ceiling signs?” Remember, the mantra for designing the best signage is keep it simple!

Ceiling signs are great promotional tools that can be used at trade shows, in common retail spaces and exhibition halls.

3 Bs to keep your ceiling signs simple

Ceiling mounted signage is extremely prominent, so half the battle is won. Since your audience’s attention is already captured, don’t go overboard with intricate designs. Keep the 3Bs of design for hanging signs from the ceiling.

Bright – Choose bright colors and shades that reflect light. Dark colors create a somber mood.

Brand – Your brand should be front and center. Make sure to include your logo. In fact, use your brand colors for the banner’s base and font.

Business – A ceiling sign is still a sign. It needs to have clear and concise information about your business. Promote your location, or a new product.

Basically, just keep it simple and let ceiling-mounted signage do the talking.

Don’t forget to check if the organizer has any requirements/limitations/specifications for ceiling signs!

Font, font, font

We cannot stress this enough – choosing the right font will make all the difference to the effectiveness of your ceiling sign. Fonts that look great from 2 feet away can become illegible when they are mounted 20 feet above peoples’ heads.

Cursive fonts are a favorite of people, but they become un-readable at a distance or if the sign moves due to airflow in the building. Thin fonts also offer poor contrast and are difficult for people to read unless they stare.

Keep your font neat and keep the message simple!

Choosing the right size

Hanging signs from the ceiling is a great opportunity for any business owner, but you must adhere to the restrictions set by the organizer. There are many different mounting systems for ceiling signs – scissor-style, hangers, ceiling tracks, movable hooks. Find out what kind of mounting system your signs must be designed for and we at Signs Now can help!

Property owners will set strict size requirements for hanging signs too. If you are advertising at a trade show or in an exhibition hall, the sign may be long and narrow; however, if it’s in small banquet space, it may have to be short and wide.

Custom ceiling signs

At Signs Now, we help our customers make the most of their ceiling signs. Our team is experienced in designing rigid signs, flexible banners and hanging hoardings for all types of venues. Whether you need overhead signs for a last-minute trade show or ceiling mounted signage for an intimate professional event, we’ll make sure you get the best ceiling signs in Lake County. Call us to talk speak with our team of signage experts.

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