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Awning Signs Make Your Store’s Entrance Attractive

Awning signs for business

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Awnings provide a combination of functional advertising and aesthetic benefits. In Lake County, people associate awnings with businesses that take pride in their offerings and aspire to provide a high level of service. Awning signs have entrenched themselves as a must-have for presenting an attractive frontage. Whether it’s an ice cream parlor or a hairdresser, awnings are used to raise the visual appeal of the business.

In this article, we try to understand what it is that makes awning storefront signs stand out (pun intended).

Font, color choice, and contrast will affect the legibility of the awning – Bring colors out to the sidewalk.

‘Expanding’ space with an awning sign

An awning has the effect of expanding space psychologically. A store on a busy Lake County street, for example, will seem larger than its neighbors because of an awning, even though its floor area is the same. A canopy gives the impression that the business ‘owns’ the land under the awning.

Bring colors out to the sidewalk

It is so important to plan out an awning’s design thoroughly before finalizing the canopy. Awning signs for business are going to make a bold statement and a business owner must make sure that colors and design stand out from the surroundings. Using brand colors as the base coat and font scheme is a very simple way of promoting the store and making an appealing first impression. Attractive designs will entice more leads to the business. Beware! The design must not create glare in sunlight, and it must create enough contrast to be readable during the day and at night. Our graphic designers at Signs Now are skilled in creating the right look for you.

Simply installing an awning is not enough. Its design must be done right, and it must be teamed with windows and floor-standing signs.

Smaller awnings are nearly vertical once installed and effectively become free billboards for the business.

Create seating room under the awning

Many businesses use the opportunity offered by awning signs for business frontages as a seating area. The set-up at the front of the business will create a relaxing atmosphere for all types of businesses – not just cafes. Color-coordinated tables and chairs will complement the awning storefront signs and make the business stand out that much more. In fact, awnings are a great option for extending over the patio too. Providing a cohesive theme throughout the establishment makes it much more memorable for customers.

All types of awnings in Lake County

At Signs Now, we build and install awning signs of all types. Our customers in Lake County appreciate the advice we can offer in awning design, helping them maximize the branding opportunity. Our awnings are robustly constructed and will last many years.

Speak to a representative to find out how cost-effective awnings are for businesses.

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