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Why Lobby Signs are So Important For Your Business

lobby signs in Lake County, IL

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Having a professional lobby will boost first impressions with your customers. A professional image gives visitors trust in your business. Upgrade your brand’s image by adding a professional reception sign. Custom lobby signs give your customers a positive first impression. You can boost your company’s image by adding lobby signs in Lake County, IL.  Let’s consider two situations.  An office reception that has custom lobby signs or a reception area with no reception signage. The second option leaves visitors feeling lost and confused. Whereas, the first option clearly explains who the company is. Adding proper reception signs will boost customer’s trust in your company. As well, you can add directional signs to help visitors feel comfortable in your space.

Creates a Professional First Impression

You want to create a strong first impression from the moment visitors walk into your lobby. Whether customers walk into a dentist office or a financial service office, both will have one thing in common: a strong branded reception sign. This sign quickly tells the customer the name of your company and your company’s colours. This shows your customers that you have a professional image. Customers will appreciate the initiative you took into creating a well designed reception area. Thus, increasing customer’s trust in your company.

Customers Feel Secure and Relaxed

Ensure that individuals feel comfortable from the moment they walk into your building. Install wayfinding or directional signs to help customers easily get around. These signs help visitors get around your location and minimize asking for directions. Having proper signs shows customers that you are a trusted company. As well, you show customers that you care about their well-being. A customer that can easily get in and out of your location is a happy customer.

Unified Brand Image & Messaging

Show off your business’s creative branding and messaging with lobby signs. A lobby with bold branding portrays a put together company. Another benefit of having strong branding is brand recognition. If your business has more than one location, customers will be able to easily find your company. They will recognize your company signs and colours.

Options For Lobby Signs

Illuminated and Backlit Lobby Signs: a great statement sign that all individuals can clearly see during all hours of the day

Office Wall Graphics: a creative way to show off unique and fun branding

Dimensional Lobby Signs: a 3D eye-catching sign that protrudes from the wall

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs: great for professional service industries

Engraved Lobby Signs: portray a sophisticated image (great for medical, financial or law services)

3D Lobby Signs: are great for bold statement signs

Which Lobby Sign Will Work Best For Your Business? 

Whether you are a creative agency or a professional services business adding a custom lobby sign will enhance your company’s image. Talk to our team of designers and start creating your reception signage today. We are a one stop shop from design to installation of lobby signs in Lake County, IL. Contact us today to get started.

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