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What are Different Uses of Floor Graphics for Businesses?

Floor graphics in Lake County, IL

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When you think of a branded sign, you usually picture a sign on the wall. However, what if your business opted for a vinyl floor graphic instead? Switch it up. Change your customers perspective and put your branded signage on the floor. This would create a memorable impression, and add a creative edge against your competitors. Find out how you can make your business stand out for floor graphics in Lake County, IL.

Here are 3 ways floor graphics can help your business in Lake County, IL

1. Leave a Lasting Impression

Humans attention spans are increasingly decreasing, so you only have a few seconds to leave a branded impression. Having your brand plastered across your lobby floor would definitely leave a memorable impression. The image of your brand would be stuck in your customer’s minds. As well, this would strengthen your brand identity and create consumer trust.

Bonus: Vinyl floor graphics are easy to install and remove. Additionally, they can be ordered in non-slip materials. Keeping your business safe, yet aesthetically appealing.

2. Hilight Upcoming Promotions or a Launch

3D floor graphics are great for catching customers’ attention and drawing in foot traffic. Especially, If you are a retail or entertainment company. Having a 3D floor graphic would be super beneficial for movie, toy or clothing launches. For example: you could have a 3D display of movie characters for an upcoming film. This could be part of your branded launch and promotion for the new movie. Now don’t fret. 3D graphics work for more than entertainment and retail companies. Professional services such as accountants, financial advisors or home builders can get creative with 3D floor graphics. A home builder could install a 3D model home and a financial advisor could have a 3D display of their mascot. There are many ways to utilise 3D floor graphics to enhance your marketing and branding efforts, you just have to think outside the box. Don’t worry, that is why Signs Now is here to help!

Bonus: Your 3D display would also act as a social media opt for your business. Customers walking by could take photos with the fun display and in return your business gets FREE social media advertising. That sounds like a win, win situation.

3. Lead Your Customers to a Specific Location

Have you ever entered a commercial building with vinyl footprint floor graphics or directional signs leading the way to a certain spot? This is a brilliant example of how vinyl floor graphics can work to direct your customers around. They work really well in highly trafficked areas where individuals are prone to getting lost such as public transit stations or conference centers. If there are floor signs leading the way, then the need to ask someone for directional help is eliminated. Therefore, streamlining the way your customers get around. Lastly, directional floor decals are great to add at kids’ event spaces such as: gyms, indoor playgrounds or birthday party event spaces. The directional floor graphics help lead the children around the event space while minimizing confusion and getting lost.

Bonus: Besides being functional, they provide a trustworthy branded look for your company.

Contact Signs Now today to start designing your NEW floor graphic today! Our professionals will help you through every phase from consultation to design to installation.

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