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Why Vehicle Decals Are So Popular Among Businesses

Vinyl wraps for commercial vehicle in  , IL

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is a tough market for any business. Local and mid-sized companies, in particular, have to compete for every square inch of advertising, making it an expensive endeavor. It is no surprise that all types of businesses are on the lookout for effective and cost-effective advertising.

Enter vehicle graphics. These vinyl decals have truly democratized advertising: anyone can advertise wherever they want to, without breaking the bank. According to a survey by 3M, fleet graphics offer by far the lowest cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) at just $0.48 of any out-of-home advertising! That makes it about one-sixth the cost of outdoor banners!

Keep reading to learn why vehicle decals have become so popular among business and what your business may be missing out on without decals.

Food truck vinyl decals and wraps in  , IL

1. No Rental Fee

The first, and perhaps most significant, advantage of using vehicle graphics is that you do not have to pay any daily or monthly rental fee. This means an enormous saving of thousands of dollars per month (if you try to advertise in downtown , billboard space can cost thousands per day). Business owners can leave the graphic on the vehicle for as long as they want without incurring a charge.

2. Go-Anywhere Ads

Your ‘mobile billboard’ goes wherever your vehicle goes. Most commercial vehicles spend time making deliveries and house calls. This is great for building brand recall, especially as repeat visits help build top of mind recall. Best of all, you can advertise in some of the city’s most coveted spots without having to worry about city permits or exorbitant ad fees.

3. Reach a Targeted Audience

Unlike billboards that cannot target a high quality, high intent audience, vehicle decals can reach your intended customer base. They target a very local audience and provide pertinent messaging: factors that drive conversions. Ensure your promotions appeal to a local audience. According to estimates, up to 85% of a business’s clientele is within 5 miles.

4. Inexpensive

Whether you opt for complete body wraps or vinyl lettering, wraps are inexpensive. Vinyl is a durable material. That means wraps last years; high-quality inks will resist fade. Make sure you work with a reputed wrapping company like Sign Company. We use high-quality materials from major manufacturers such as 3M.

5. Increase Longevity

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of wraps has nothing to do with their advertising potential. Vinyl wraps protect the vehicle’s paintwork from chips and even minor dents. Drive worry-free on freshly salted roads, with the confidence that the gravel will not chip the paintwork and start rusting. We have heard so many stories of business owners taking wraps off a vehicle (before selling it onwards) only to find a like-new body – which increased its resale value!

Vehicle Decals Made Easy

Whether you are looking for simple vinyl lettering, logos, or full body wraps, we are the team for you. Speak to a representative to find out how we schedule wrapping to minimize downtime.

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