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Window Graphics Will Increase Traffic & Sales

Wall graphics by Signs Now in Libertyville

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Not every window graphic will grow your sales. Purely decorative ones or ones that are installed on windows that aren’t very visible have less advertising value.

The best graphics for attracting potential customers and generating sales are storefront window graphics. How effective are they? According to a survey carried out by FedEx, they found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans make a purchase because of an eye-catching sign.

Thinking of getting signs for your storefront windows but not sure how they’ll help? Keep reading to find out why businesses across rely on window signage to keep their businesses busy.

1. Attract New and Existing Customers

If you have just a storefront sign above your entrance, you know how difficult it is to promote new products and sales. 

That’s where window signs excel. They effectively turn the storefront window into a large billboard. Use that space to highlight seasonal promotions, back-to-school offers, and so much more.

These are great for stirring up curiosity and attracting potential customers into the store. As any business owner knows – more potential customers mean more paying customers.

2. Make Your Business Stand Out 

Today’s main streets, office buildings, and shopping centers are really crowded spaces. You’re competing for attention with tens – sometimes hundreds – of businesses.

Differentiating your business means going the extra marketing mile. Again, window graphics are your best friend. Vinyl graphics are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to change

That means you can change window signs regularly, keeping messaging fresh and relevant. A great example is seasonal graphics – such as Halloween and Christmas.

Themed branding is an instant cue for potential customers to know there is something new on offer. They’re more likely to explore your products and services, and more likely to buy.

3. Be Blatant About Promotions

When was the last time you saw a ‘Gap’ store in not advertising a sale? Probably not in the last few years. 

Learn from the best – don’t be shy about highlighting sales, discounts, and offers. Everyone loves saving money (and smart shopping) – which is why price drops work so well.

The large surface area of storefront windows makes them perfect for promoting sales. There’s no way people will walk past your store if they see offers that appeal to them.

Tips for Designing Window Graphics That Increase Traffic and Sales

It’s not good enough to just have a large graphic on your storefront window. You need the right design and the right messaging to make it effective. That’s why so many customers trust our team to design their graphics. 

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind for eye-catching signs:

  • Make sure you use bright colors that contrast against your surroundings. Remember red is universally recognized for sales.
  • Team window displays with storefront window graphics to create an attractive storefront. 
  • Plan ahead – create 5-12 designs that you can use around the year (and keep the store looking fresh).

Work With an Experienced Sign Company

At Signs Now, we design signs that look great and help you attract customers. 

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