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Ways to Use Wall Graphics in Your Business

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Most offices in start off as bland white and beige spaces. It’s up to you, the business owner, to personalize them.

Most people shy away from repainting walls because of the hassle. And let’s not even discuss the expense of corporate artwork. That’s where wall graphics can help. Redecorate, add branding, and do so much more with creative graphics. Find out the five exciting ways in which you can transform your space.

1. Repaint Without the Hassle

Worried you might lose your security deposit if you repaint? Don’t want the downtime of emptying out rooms till the paint dries? Wall wraps are just the thing.

Choose any solid color, any design, or any pattern – we’ll create it especially for you. Wraps can be installed in no time and with minimum fuss. Unlike paint, there are no noxious fumes.

2. Transforming Bland Rooms and Corridors

These wall signs aren’t like your grandmother’s wallpaper. Get exciting designs and transform your premises.

Get eye-catching 3D designs, vistas, shapes, or anything else – your choice is limitless. Bring life to dark corridors with bright wraps; give rooms a fresh new look.

Wall decals are another great addition. Large or small, they’re perfect for adding interesting touches around the office.

3. Corporate Artwork Without the Expense

Have you tried searching for artwork for your business? Even those small portraits (printed, not painted) can run you thousands of dollars. And let’s not get started on paintings (those can run into the millions).

It’s simple –

1. Find pieces of artwork that you like (and have the copyright to).

2. Have them printed on wall graphics.

3. Install them at your premises (complete with a framing effect).

4. All for a fraction of the price.

A lot of our customers get artwork for their premises on vinyl. It’s inexpensive, durable, and looks stunning. Take your artwork to the next level with acrylic displays – they’ll make your office look like an art gallery.

4. Create Showcase Walls

It’s a hot new trend – merging large wall signs with physical elements for a 3D effect.

One example is having a music-themed wall wrap and hanging vinyl records or a guitar. A lot of businesses show corporate photos and place awards on wall shelves. Looking for inspiration for your business? Why not talk to our creative team about your office.

5. Wall Murals in the Conference Room

Make a bold statement and close deals with vinyl murals in the conference room. They’re a great way to add your logo and branding and can set the mood for the meeting.

Use wall decals for a professional ambiance and to improve customer experience.

Premium Wall Graphics in

At Signs Now, we help all types of businesses – law firms, doctor’s offices, and more – elevate their offices.

Discover a seamless experience when you work with us. We design, print, and install all types of wraps. Book a free consultation today to discuss your wall wraps.

Get inspired by a large catalogue of designs.

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