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Turning Your Logo into Effective Interior Signage

Custom Interior Business Signage

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Are you unsure of where to start when you want to begin branding your workspace? One of the most common ways for businesses to brand themselves is by displaying their logos on their interior signs for business. But how do you tastefully display your logo without going overboard? Rebecca Batman, a brand consultant, says, for a logo to be effective branding, it must be “respected and trusted.”

What Is a Logo and What Purpose Does it Serve?

Before we explore how to best incorporate your logo in your interior signage, let’s quickly recap what exactly a logo is:

A logo is a visual representation of the business. It is a design comprising symbols, graphics, letters, or a combination of all three. Logos usually embody the values and branding of the business.

They are also valuable intellectual property (copyrighted or registered trademarks), meaning your business needs to carefully consider its interior signage ideas and how they are portrayed.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Including Your Logo in Interior Signage.

What do you want your target audience to think of when they see your logo?

That’s the first question you need to ask yourself before embarking on your interior signage design strategy. Your logo is the face of your business, and how you display it will impact the perception people have of your business. Here are a few tips on what you should and shouldn’t do with your logo on your interior signage:

Display it Prominently on Interior Signs.

Use your logo on your most visible signage, such as lobby signs, window signs, and door signs. The sign should be in the same shape and colors as your logo for maximum impact. Ensure that the sign is not obstructed or overshadowed by other elements in the surrounding space. The goal is to draw attention right to the logo in order to make a memorable impression.

Fight the Urge to Use it on Every Sign.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of including your logo on every sign. Stop! Your logo is valuable intellectual property – both financially and visually. You need to ensure high interior signage standards are maintained to appeal to and elevate the status of the logo. That means using it sparingly on only the most essential interior signs.

Stay True to Brand Colors.

If Apple can incorporate rainbow colors and wireframe designs on their logo, so can you, right? It’s tempting to play around with the colors of your company’s logo. When you’re in the designing phase of your logo, it is great to play around with different designs and colors, however, you want to avoid constant design changes in the long run. 

Effective interior signs will be on your walls for years, which means if you use lots of different colors, you run the risk of confusing people. A visitor won’t build brand recall if they see a slightly different logo at every turn. Without a consistent design and theme for your logo, you are ultimately harming your logo’s value.

Be Consistent with the Style and Finish of Interior Signs for Business.

A full-service sign company like Signs Now can build pretty much any style of sign you want. But that doesn’t mean you should recreate our entire catalog of options in your office.

Workplace branding should be themed and consistent having your interior signage standards set high. That means using styles and finishes (materials, gloss/matte finish) uniformly throughout the space. Too many different color combinations, materials, and lighting effects will be off-putting for visitors.

Bring Your Logo To Life with a Creative Team.

Not sure how you can bring your logo to life? Our team helps businesses across transform their workplace with cohesive and contemporary workplace branding. We’ll create effective interior signs that elevate your space – and your logo.

Talk to experienced signage professional about interior signs for your office today. We’ll give you interior signage ideas and prepare a cohesive interior signage design strategy for your office.

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