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The Benefits And Practical Uses Of Window Films

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Window films are versatile adhesives typically applied on the interior portion of a glass window and can be utilized for several diverse purposes. Whether your storefront requires privacy or you are looking to implement promotional marketing, custom window films are an investment that adds value to your brand. At Signs Now, we believe key factors listed below are great examples that highlight your need for window films and graphics.

Window Films for your Business Space


Privacy window film tints are essential to all offices because they reduce the visibility of your interior office to the public. This decreases the risks of theft, exposure of confidential data, and decreases awareness of any valuables that may be located within your shop. By installing privacy window films, you add a sense of ease and comfort among team members as well as shield your employees from distractions.

Reduce glare

Glare is a common problem in work areas and can vary throughout the day as the sun reaches different windows and office spaces. Overexposure causes headaches, fatigue, stress, and discomfort to your employees when exposed for long periods of time. By implementing anti-glare window films, you enhance working conditions for your employees, without blocking out the positive effects of a beautiful day.

Reduces skin cancer risk

It is common knowledge that lying on a beach for long periods of time without sunscreen can cause harmful UV rays to enter your body. However, did you know that unprotected office windows can have the same effect of your working staff? When windows in your office are treated with custom window films, you allow daylight to enter your office, comfortably, without the risk of skin cancer.

Energy efficient

According to a study conducted by the nonprofit International Window Film Association, custom window films help reduce energy consumption by decreasing solar heat gain and cutting cooling costs by 30%. This will have positive impacts on your business by lowering overhead costs, while creating a visually appealing space.

Protect Office Furniture and Document

Custom window films can maintain your office materials, as well. Research conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center, revealed that ultraviolet radiation is the largest contributing factor in fading furniture, documents, books, fabrics, carpets, paintings, and more. In fact, it is attributed to 40% of the damage. When you invest in custom window films, you are adding protective measures to ensure the longevity of your office materials.

Improve Aesthetics
Custom window films can improve the overall interior aesthetics of your office when incorporating diverse colors, styles, and patterns. For example, frosted window films are a popular choice among business owners, due to their professional, modern, and sleek appearance. By installing custom window films, you elevate the look of your office and promote your brand as a modern business. At Signs Now, we provide top-quality window graphics in the land area through expert consultation and custom-manufactured design that caters to your business.

How to Choose the Sign Company for You – Choose Signs Now

Your business could benefit from the modern and practical use of custom window films, but not all sign companies are alike. With Signs Now in Lake County, we produce and install, long-lasting and effective window films. We stand behind our well-crafted products, and our team of professionals ensures our designs cater to your specific requirements. Allow us the opportunity to share our service excellence, with you. Contact us for a free quote, today.

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