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Making the Best of Sidewalk Signs

Custom Sidewalk Sign for Business in  , IL

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Custom sidewalk signs are not new for retail businesses, they are being used for decades. Although, with time they have evolved and are used by many businesses like restaurants, retail shops, commercial events, and more. They are one of the most affordable forms of outdoor advertising and one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of passersby. 

Types of Custom Sidewalk Signs

A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich board signs are also called A-Frame signs. They have two panels hinged at the top that open to an angle of 20-degrees. It is a very simple yet effective design.

Pavement signs

These signs are mounted on a sturdy base which is either metal or plastic. The sign is covered in a metal or plastic frame that provides stability and durability.

Chalkboard signs

These can be either an a-frame or pavement signs. The main distinction is the chalkboard surface that is very easy to clean and reuse. They are a very popular choice for street-side restaurants.

How to Make the Best Of Business Sidewalk Signs


The most important thing to remember is to keep the design of your sidewalk signs simple as it helps customers to understand your message easily. It is important for them to be attractive. To do that, be sure to choose the frame material that offers the best finish. In general, wood and metal are a good choice as they offer quality finish and durability. 


An a-frame sandwich board sign is not something your customers will stop and read. This means that your message should be short and simple. If you have multiple messages to be communicated, the best way to do that is to have separate signs for separate messages.


The main purpose of a business sidewalk sign is to catch the eye of the customer and there are very few things that draw attention like promotions. Almost everyone is aware that offers are advertised on the sidewalks. Make yours special and let sidewalk signs do the talking. 

Identification and Wayfinding

Many businesses use custom sidewalk signs for identification and wayfinding purposes as well. As these signs are placed directly in the line of sight of the passerby, it makes it easy for anyone to get the right directions. If you think your business location can be hard to find for your customers, custom sidewalk signs are an easy and inexpensive way to lead them to you. 

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