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Make A Good First Impression With Trade Show Signage

Trade Show Signage

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Trade shows are fantastic venues for meeting new customers, showcasing your products and services, and creating brand awareness. However, in order to really get noticed on a crowded trade show floor, you need to have a display that attracts people to your booth. If your business is ready to invest in a portable trade show display that will be both eye catching and provide helpful information to your audience, do you know what you need to include? Properly executed elements like retractable trade show banners and pop up trade show displays can really help you get the most out of your event.

A retractable trade show banner makes a great first impression, and is a highly-effective way to let your audience know what your business is all about before you interact with them. Without needing to speak to a passerby, you can grab their attention with brilliant graphics and images that showcase what your business has to offer. On a saturated trade show floor, a retractable trade show banner or a pop up trade show display can help you stand apart from the competition and present a professional appearance with minimal effort.

Create Portable Trade Show Displays That Attract Positive Attention

Building portable trade show displays that really stand out means including these must-have additions and ideas so that your signage will clearly be more captivating than the rest.

Company Name And Logo

There really is more to it than just making sure your company name is on the banner. It needs to be clearly displayed in a legible and easy to read font style, as well as large enough so that the audience will immediately know who you are. Remember, trade show floors are big spaces, so ensure that attendees don’t have to squint to read your business name.

Ideally, your name should be placed at the top of your retractable trade show banner or portable trade show display or it should be centrally located which still allows people to quickly decipher who you are. All banners and displays also need to feature your high-resolution logo. Be sure you have a sharp version of your logo, in Vector format, which can be used to create professional trade show materials.

Highlight Your Most Popular Products

Use a high-quality image of one of your most popular products, or create a banner that specifically showcases a new product line. Having these items highlighted as part of a trade show display can be an effective way to boost awareness among a new audience. However, know that including too many pictures can be visually overwhelming, so it’s best to select a few products or services to feature.

Use Before and After Photos

If possible, showcase pictures of what your products or services have done for your clients as a way to build credibility. Allowing your audience to visualize how your business can solve their issues can go a long way in moving them through the sales funnel and motivating them to take action.

Contact Details

Unfortunately, adding the right contact details is often overlooked when creating portable trade show displays and other trade show accessories. You want to make it as convenient as possible for people to get in touch with you. Include your phone number, email, website and social media accounts so that trade show attendees can easily connect your business should they have questions, or want to place an order.

Create Trade Show Displays With Signs Now

Knowing what information to include on your portable trade show displays and retractable trade show banners can mean the difference between drawing people to your booth and letting lead opportunities pass you by. If you’re ready to create an effective trade show presence, Signs Now can help. We’ll work with you to choose the right trade show pieces from trade show display options and ensure that your brand message is strong and engaging. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business stand out and to receive a free quote!

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