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Is Bigger Always Better? How To Choose The Right Channel Letter Size

Custom Channel Letter for Business in  , IL

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Nothing can turn a customer away faster than not being able read your business sign. Imagine how many opportunities you may be missing if hundreds of people drive by your location but can’t make out your business name because your custom channel letters are too small! When it comes to choosing dimensional letter signage, size matters. Specifically, when creating signs using channel letters, ensure you’re choosing the correct letter height and width so that your business name can easily be seen from a distance.

What’s the best way to ensure that the dimensional letter signage you’ve spent so much time carefully picking out is effective? To start, you need to consider the distance that potential customers will most likely be attempting to view your sign from.

  • Do you want foot traffic to be able to see your sign at an up-close range?
  • Do you have potential customers driving by on a local roadway or are they viewing your sign from the highway?

Once you’ve figured out the general distance from which you want your sign to be viewed most of the time, you’ll have the right information to determine the best letter size needed.

What Size Channel Letters Are Best?

If you aren’t intentional when designing your sign, whether that be a backlit channel letters or front lit channel letters, the wrong choices will most certainly affect your ability to communicate with your audience. Specifically, if the size of the custom channel letters is too small, passersby won’t be able to read it from far away and they’ll pass right by. On the other hand, too large letter sizing will look awkward, messy and unprofessional.

When creating dimensional letter signage, each letter has a face and a back with typically a three to five-inch return connecting the two. In order to be able to bend and mold the return around the letter, there must be enough space. As such, font choice is critical when it comes to how a channel letter is made and at what size.

Other factors that may affect the overall size choice of channel letters include:

  • Color And Font Type. The selection you make will send an immediate message about your business. Choose a font style that’s appropriate for your brand, whether that be a more playful look or something clean and modern. Regardless of what font you choose, you need to be sure that it’s easy to read.
  • Placement. Your channel letters can be stunning and use a font that’s visible for miles around, but if it’s placed in a bad location, it won’t matter! Your channel letters need to be easily visible from nearby roadways, tall enough to be seen from a distance and not blocked by any obstructions.
  • Illumination. If you want your sign to be visible at night, backlit channel letters or front lit channel letters may be right for you. After all, why spend money on a great sign only to have it obscured by shadows or be invisible once the sun goes down.

Signs Now Can Create The Right Channel Letters For Your Business

Creating an effective sign using custom channel letters takes experience and knowledge. At Signs Now, we can work with you to ensure you’ll get dimensional letter signage that uses the right font, color, style, and letter sizing to help you grow your business. Our team will work with you to create exceptional business signs designed to attract a bigger audience. If you’re business could use a show stopping channel letter sign, contact us today and receive a free quote!

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