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How Yard Signs Increase Your Business?

Custom Yard Signs for Business

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What’s one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways of getting your business noticed locally? Here’s a hint: you’ve probably got one planted in your front lawn.

Everyone from yard maintenance companies to real estate agents to political campaigners relies on custom yard signs to get noticed. So why should you? And can yard signs actually help you grow your bottom line?

1. Brand Awareness

The first step towards making a sale is being recognized by your customers. Install lawn signs around your community, and you’ll get your brand noticed by hundreds of people.

Just take the example of the “We Believe” yard signs that adorned virtually every neighborhood in the city. You saw them and learned about the BLM movement. In the same way, customers will learn about your business.

2. Enjoy Incredible ROI

Billboards in the area can easily cost thousands of dollars every month to display. That doesn’t even include the price of printing and installing the ad!

Signs for yards cost nothing like that much. In fact, these signs are so inexpensive that our customers tend to order them in batches of hundreds, even thousands at a time. Best of all, you can install them free of charge (depending on where you plan to put them).

3. Advertise Where it Counts

One study says that 85% of your customer base is located within 5 miles of your establishment. That means you need impactful local marketing to reach potential customers.

Install yard signs near you to achieve just that. People pay more attention to signs installed on front lawns or along sidewalks than they do on billboards. Why? Because yard signs appear to speak directly to them, unlike billboards that are designed generically for ‘everyone’.

4. Keep Offers Fresh

Nothing feels more boring than a sign that shows the same sale for months at a time (even if it’s no longer on). With lawn signage, you can stay up to date for a fraction of the cost.

A professional sign company like Signs Now can print custom signs quickly, letting you change messaging frequently. That means you can keep potential customers excited with new, lucrative offers.

5. Rule of Seven

How many times, on average, does a person need to see an offer for a product or service before making a purchase? (Hint: It’s seven.)

Studies have shown that as people are exposed to offers, they are far more likely to make a purchase. Install yard signs over a large area to make sure people see your branding frequently.

Order Yard Signs Near You

At Signs Now, we make getting all types of signage easy and affordable. You’ll work with an experienced team that will guide you through the entire process. Order custom yard signs with your message.

Digital printing and a dedicated fabrication shop mean we can get your yard signs ready to install in the area in no time at all.

Book your free consultation.

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