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How to Transform Your Office/Home Interior with Wall Graphics

Artur’s Wall Murals custom made by Surely Signs in Chicago, IL

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‘Repaint,’ ‘renovate,’ and rejuvenate your home, office (or home office) with wall graphics. Keep a few things in mind, and you could have your space looking like it belongs in a design magazine. 

What are wall graphics? These are vinyl decals that are adhered to a wall with safe, non-destructive adhesives. The design of the graphic is decided by you. They can transform your home or office with very little time and effort. In fact, custom wall graphics make it so easy to create an accent wall or focal point for your space.

Why Should You Use Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are a creative way to make a space more appealing. Doctor’s offices for kids, for instance, use creative wraps to turn sterile walls into friendly spaces. So why should your office walls be the same boring shades of beige they came in?

Keep reading to find out how wall office wall graphics can transform a space.

How to Refresh Your Space with Custom Wall Graphics

1. Change the Mood with Colors

Wall graphics can help enhance productivity at home and at the workplace. Choose light colors to boost the mood or darker colors to bring a sense of calm. Whichever color you choose, it’s sure to affect your mood. 

2. Separate Areas with Different Wall Signs

Keep your rooms feeling separate without the hassle of putting up physical barriers. Murals and graphics naturally divide a space without taking up any room. Adding wall signs gives each area its own atmosphere. This is also a great way to keep your office feeling open and inviting, without feeling too big or hollow.

3. Design an Accent Wall

Wall murals are great for creating an accent wall. A mural can allow you to feature your favorite artist or a scene that you particularly enjoy. Set the tone for space by choosing a wall graphic that suits your personality. The possibilities for your space are endless with personalized wall murals.

4. Not Just ‘Wall’ Graphics

Wall graphics can even be installed where wallpaper and paint cannot easily be applied. Think basements with outdated wood paneling, which can be turned into a home office with office wall graphics. Even MDF panels are great for wall graphics, which can then be hung like an art print. 

Design Your Own Wall Graphics in Chicago

There are so many possibilities for you to design your wall graphics and so many places where they can be pasted! The best thing is vinyl wraps can be installed and removed without damaging the paintwork. It’s easy to see why graphics are so popular in homes and offices across Chicago.

Surely Signs helps you design your own custom wall graphics. Bring your vision to life on a small or large graphic. Not sure you can install the wrap yourself? We have a team of professional installers waiting! Talk to us about your requirements or send us your design.

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