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How To Boost Marketing Initiatives With Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Libertyville

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Whether you have a fleet of vehicles in your company or just your own car for your small business, utilizing it to promote your company is a very strategic way to bring in more business. Whether you decide to do a “full wrap” on your vehicle, a “partial wrap”, just the doors and back panel, or maybe simply apply vinyl letters and logos, you will be advertising your business everywhere you go. Vehicle wraps and letters are designed to promote your brand, while generating business through stunning aesthetics. Beyond interesting designs and custom layouts, vehicle wraps attract customers and help you stand out among competitors. The following outlines five reasons why our team at Signs Now believes custom vehicle signage is an ideal addition to your marketing initiative.

Raise Brand Awareness with Vehicle Wraps and signage

Cost-efficient Branding

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps are a investments due to their strong active reach with little associated cost. Unlike static billboards, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of advertisements, vehicle wraps can make thousands of novel impressions per day, and in varying locations. In addition, you continue to utilize company cars more efficiently, while serving your marketing needs, simultaneously.

Affects Purchase Behavior

Further studies conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, revealed that 29% of consumers felt encouraged to visit an establishment within a week after seeing an enticing outdoor advertisement. This reach is amplified when your advertisement is in motion.

You can further increase the effectiveness of your custom vehicle wrap through stylistic elements that are proven more attractive to patrons. That is, vibrant graphics, high resolution photos, clear texts, and strong taglines all contribute to the effectiveness of your brand’s call-to-action.

Local targeting

Serving as a form of outdoor signage, vehicle wraps ensure community awareness, beyond the parameters of the given neighborhood in which your sign is situated. In addition, the transient nature of custom vehicle signage means you have the potential to attract clients outside of your community for increasing your customer base.

Round the Clock

Fleet wraps improve name recognition 15 times more than other forms of outdoor advertising. Regardless of whether the vehicle is in-transit, stuck in traffic, or parked, custom wraps continue to contribute to the improvement of brand awareness that far exceeds the reach associated with static signs or web presence, alone.

Best Outdoor Advertisement

Another great example of effectiveness associated with vehicle wraps is found in their ability to reach many potential customers who may not have been exposed to newspapers, TV and radio ads. For example, vehicle wraps reach potential clients who may be on the road, as well. This further increase brand awareness through organic searches fostered through outlying customers. Billboards used to dominate the outdoor advertising industry. However, in recent years, vehicle wraps have proven to be more efficient in communicating to consumers and improving overall brand recognition and sales. In a study by RYP & Becker Group, it was revealed that  messages on mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate when compared to regular billboards, which only possess a recall rate of 19%. This means, with vehicle wraps you are guaranteed to capture your ideal client with proven return-on-investment.

How to Find the Best Marketing Partner

While vehicle wraps are easy to install, choosing the most qualified sign company to aid in all level service, can be confusing. With Signs Now, we are proud to offer top-level craftsmanship that increases sales and builds trust through repeat customers.

We use only premium 3M and Avery-Dennison materials and top-of-the-line printing equipment to ensure outstanding results. We look forward to helping your business further succeed. Contact our professionals for an estimate, today.

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