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Choosing the Right Office Door Signs for Your Business

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Showing directions around the office, warning people to keep out of restricted areas, and labeling rooms—there’s a lot that door signs do. However, which ones should you get for your office? In this article, we’ll look at five factors that will help you choose the right custom door signs for your establishment.

5 Things to Help You Choose the Right Office Door Signs

Great office door signs are like great butlers; they’re present when you need them, but invisible when you don’t. These five questions will help you find such signs:

1. Where Are You Going to Install It?

Are you installing an interior or exterior office door sign? Interior signs, such as door numbers and bathroom signs, tend to be smaller and have a less flashy design. Exterior office door signs, designed to be seen by visitors, are larger and more attention-grabbing.

Outdoor signs are usually made of more durable materials, too, given they have to withstand ’s tough weather conditions.

2. Why Are You Installing Them?

You should have a clear idea of why you are installing a custom office sign. Typically, businesses install door signs to:

  • Guide visitors around the premises.
  • Build brand awareness and complement decor.
  • Advertise sales and promotions on exterior office door signs.

If you try to achieve all three things with the same sign, you’re going to end up with a muddled design and a confusing sign. Instead, focus on one or two of these aspects, and optimize the sign for them.

3. Does the Office Door Sign Add Value?

You know that you want a custom door sign, but does anyone else? Assess what value the office door sign(s) will provide (and to whom) before you place your order. For instance, prepare a traffic flow chart for your office to understand how people move around and what information they may be looking for at different times of the visit.

Similarly, if you are looking to hang a promotional door sign, check if it offers the right information to the right customer.

  • How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Let’s not beat around the bush—costs matter. Talk to your signage company to get a quote for the signs you’re looking to get. If it exceeds your budget, then trim any optional signs, such as branding signs, and save them for later.

At Signs Now, we offer one of the widest selections of custom door signs in . Our team will help you find signs that fit your budget and deliver the most value for your business.

5. Do You Need ADA-Compliant Signs?

Too many business owners forget that they need ADA-compliant door signs if they are receiving visitors at the office. Unlike typical door signs, ADA door signs are installed next to the door on a static surface.

Talk to an experienced signage professional to understand what ADA signs you need and where you should install them.

Maximize Value and Minimize Office Door Sign Costs

Signs Now is the go-to signage partner for businesses like yours in . We will help identify cost-effective signs, create stunning designs, and help you transform your space.

Book a free consultation today to find the right office door signs for your business.

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