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Branding with Banners in – Sizing, Print, Materials, and Durability

Political custom banner for Back To The Future Party in  , IL

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Everything You Need to Know About Branding With Banners

The first step to defining effective banners—or any effective sign—is knowing what you want from them. They can be used to brand, advertise, or show directions, and you need to be clear about what you’re trying to achieve.

Once you know that, you can optimize the design instead of trying to hit too many targets with too few arrows. That said, here’s what you need to know about banner sizing, printing, materials, and durability.


Generally speaking, larger is better. The larger the sign, the further away it can be read by your customers. Why else do you think billboards try to outdo each other in terms of size? That said, consider the space in which you will install the banner. Overlarge indoor signs, such as for corporate events, can be eyesores.

Before you finalize the size of your banner, take measurements of your space and share them with your signage company. It’ll tell you what the ideal size of the banner should be.

Banner Printing in

Not many people give much thought to the printing process, but it determines the appearance of the finished sign. You need to work with a professional company for banner printing in , one that invests in modern vinyl banner printing systems, color calibration tools, and quality inks.

Cheaper inks and non-professional setups (even something as minor as consumer-grade monitors) can lead to inaccurate colors.


Banner material makes a big difference to the longevity of the banner and its ‘feel’. Lighter-weight vinyl (measured in ounces) may offer more pleasing flexibility, but they are suitable only for indoor use. For outdoor use, you want to use something equal to or greater than the standard weight of 13 oz per square yard.

Vinyl thickness (measured in mils, or thousands of an inch) makes a difference to longevity, too. Thinner gauges are fine for indoor, retractable trade show banners; longer-term signs need thicker gauge vinyl to be durable.


Vinyl weights and thickness are tied to the durability of the banner and sign. Too thick or too heavy a material, and you’ll spend needlessly on material that doesn’t add value; too thin a vinyl won’t deliver the quality you expect. It’s usually best to speak to your signage partner about the type of vinyl you should get for your custom banners.

Work with a Partner You Can Trust

It’s tempting to go with the cheapest vinyl banner printing service you can find, but make no mistake, you don’t get what you don’t pay for. See and feel the difference quality vinyl and digital printing make for yourself. Book a free consultation with us today to discuss trade show banners, personalized signs, and more.

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