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6 Tips for Choosing a Sign Company Near You

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Ordering signs for the first time or looking to switch signage companies? Finding the right signage partner (yes, partner) is vitally important for getting the most value from your marketing dollars and ensuring a seamless experience.

But while everyone will tell you they’re among the “best sign companies near you,” how do you tell the not-so-good from the great sign companies in ?

In this article, we’ll give you six handy tips and have you evaluate local sign companies like a pro!

6 Things You Need to Check in a Sign Company Before You Place Your Order

1. Look at the Portfolio (and Experience)

The first thing you need to do is see if the sign company is the right fit for your business. Ask to see their portfolio of work; any company of repute and experience should have an extensive catalog of successfully completed projects.

Not all local sign companies will bring decades of experience, but don’t let that be a deal-breaker. What’s more important is you work with professionals who’ll be accountable and thorough in their service.

2. Ask for Customer References (That You Can Verify)

Find out what the company’s past customers think of their signage performance. You’ll get first-hand information about the quality of the signs, any unforeseen issues, and what kind of service they received.

A company hesitant about sharing customer references should raise red flags. It could be a sign that their track record isn’t as strong as they’d like you to believe.

3. Check Affiliations and Accreditations

Unfortunately, there aren’t many industry affiliations for sign companies in . However, you can still check things like the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce. Outstanding complaints or positive reviews can give you a good idea about their business ethics.

4. Ask Point Blank About Outsourcing

Signs Now is a full-service sign company: you’ll hear us beat that drum often and loudly. Why? Because it signifies that we have an in-house design team, our own fabrication shop, and professional installers for a seamless signage experience.

And that’s something you need to verify if you’re working with other companies. Don’t be shy about asking if they’ll be outsourcing their work to third parties. It’s okay if sign companies near you work with third parties for specialized projects, but not for every little thing.

5. Be Upfront About Your Budget

Don’t hold back discussing your budget, whether you think it’s big or small. There are hundreds of signage options that suit every budget, and you need to make sure the people you’re working with can deliver what you’re looking for.

6. Ask Them About Their Signage Process

You don’t want to spend hours every day worrying about your signs, which is why you need to double-check what the company’s processes look like:

  • Will they create the design?
  • How often will you receive status updates?
  • Who’s going to be doing the coordinating?

It’ll tell you what kind of service you can expect and gauge if, during the project, the sign company in is going to live up to its promises.

Get your questions answered and start designing attractive, effective signs for your business. Book your free consultation with the leading, full-service sign company in today.

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