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5 Tips to Design an Eye Catching Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Lake County IL

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Eye-catching vehicle wraps advertising is considered one of the most effective ways to introduce your brand to the market. With the ever-increasing number of motor vehicles traversing roads and highways, your organization will definitely benefit from this versatile advertising tool.

How a Good Vehicle Wrap Looks

If you have been thinking about designing your own car wrap, here are five tips to consider in making sure you make the most of your investment:

No. 1 Achieve More with Less

Whether your vehicle is on the freeway or inching its way down rush-hour traffic, you have to remember the fact that your audience has very little time to read all the information printed on the sides of your vehicle. This is why it’s very important to plan your content very carefully. Brick and mortar businesses in the service industry successfully generate leads and close deals by having their company name and telephone number printed in huge texts across every side of their company vehicle. It also helps to have an image that depicts what you do or offer.

Custom Vehicle Wraps Lake County IL

No. 2 Choose Your Colors Well

Colors that are easy on the eyes make your company car pleasant to look at. Two to three contrasting colors that let your message stand out is usually enough, but make sure these colors complement your brand. Too many colors are not only confusing but may also irritate your audience and prevent them from absorbing the important information you want to share.

No. 3 Consider Your Audience

Understanding your target customers is crucial in planning your design. If a majority of them are shopping online, it helps to include your website address in your vehicle graphics. If they are on social media, you may want to include your social media handles along with your company logo. Colors, texts, and images that resonate with your audience are better retained in their subconscious and are more effective than a randomly-chosen design.

No. 4 Be Cohesive

Consistency is vital to any marketing strategy with eye catching vehicle wraps. Sticking to your company’s color palette allows your community to remember your brand better. They may have seen your name and logo on the internet or your outdoor business signs. Seeing them again printed visibly on your vehicle will remind them of your presence. The next time they need the products and services you offer, they will likely think of you first.

No. 5 Work Only with the Best Wrap Vendors

For eye-catching custom vehicle wraps that work, make sure to get them from a trusted vinyl wrap vendor. Signs Now has the best in-house team of graphic design experts in Lake County. We can take your design and bring it to life in a vivid full-color vinyl vehicle wrap.

A Reliable Source of Eye Catching Vehicle Wraps

If you happen to be in Lake County and are new to custom vehicle wraps, our vehicle wrap experts are ready to hear your concerns and walk you through the entire process. As a full-service sign company in Illinois, we work with each of our clients through planning, design, manufacturing, and installation. We understand that each client is unique and therefore has different needs. Our design experts focus on creating custom-made visual advertising materials that work for you.

Call Signs Now today to speak with a vinyl wrap expert and get a free quote.

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