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5 Reasons Investing in Vehicle Wraps is a Wise Decision

Vehicle wraps advertising

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How much do businesses spend on advertising? Thousands? Millions? And, yet, simple advertising opportunities are missed. Just look at fleet wraps. A local tradesman may have two or three trucks or vans running up and down Lake County with bare paint. Why? Why not get vehicle wraps and transform your commercial vehicles into mobile billboards.

In this article we are listing the five most compelling reasons for you to invest in custom vehicle wraps for your commercial fleet. Think they are just an extravagance? Read on to find out what you have been missing out on.

Why you should invest in vehicle wraps

Be creative – Your trucks, your truck graphics. That’s what we tell all our clients in Lake County. You are free to design whatever you want and have installed on your vehicle. Our team realizes a whole bunch of abstract patterns and intricate cuts to make vehicle wraps really stand out.

Truck wraps can be for the whole vehicle, one/multiple side wraps and vinyl letters.

BrandingTruck, car, and van graphics tend to be prominent advertising. In fact, the larger the vehicle, the more noticeable your brand is for passersby. Large logos and bold color schemes make for interesting and memorable advertising. It’s also a great time to talk about your awards and achievements, and to share your social media handles.

With the lead generation potential of truck graphics, it’s no wonder they pay for themselves in new clients attracted.

Promotions – Sales, discounts and freebies are proven sales strategies. But these work only when you can get the word out. If only you know about the special offer you are running, you won’t get many takers. Fleet wraps can be installed as a whole or in parts and pieces. This way you can keep certain elements constant, while seasonal promotions can be swapped out time and time again.

Protection – Truck wraps offer tremendous protection for your vehicles. They protect your vehicle’s paint from flying debris, keying, and the general wear and tear that comes from driving in snow and salted roads. Best of all, modern wrapping glues don’t harm your original paintwork, and come off with ease.

Paint chips, small dents and keying – these will all be things in the past with fleet wraps.

Cost (and paperwork) – Have you ever tried advertising on the biggest billboard in the city? Trust us, the paperwork and municipal planning alone is enough to???. Now, what if you could advertise in the same high traffic area, without any of that hassle and expense? Vehicle wraps cost far, far less than traditional forms of advertising. After all, the billboard (vehicle) is your own – and you are free to drive it anywhere.

High quality 3M vinyl wraps are extremely durable. They will perform for many years, fade-free on your vehicle.

Surely Signs believes in helping to support local businesses to thrive. Our truck wraps are extremely business friendly. Affordable pricing and flexible installation schedules to minimize downtime are really appreciated by business owners. Speak to a Surely Signs representative to find out how quickly you can give custom vehicle wraps for your fleet.

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